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Searchable and paginable ListView

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ListView which can be searchable, paginate and which doesn't lose query parameter and page number


This library need jQuery ( and Bootstrap for the frond-end )
To install it in your vitualenv on your django project

```{r, engine='bash', count_lines}
pip install django-search-listview


Only paginate ListView

from search_listview.list import SearchableListView

class ListDevicePaginate(SearchableListView):
model = Device
template_name = "tests/list.html"
paginate_by = 10

Paginate + Searchable ListView

from search_listview.list import SearchableListView

class ListDeviceSearchablePaginate(SearchableListView):
model = Device
template_name = "tests/list.html"
paginate_by = 10
searchable_fields = ["inventory_number", "model_device", "model_device__brand__provider",
specifications = {
"model_device__brand__name": "__icontains"

Put the parameter for the query in **searchable_fields** which will be use to filter the queryset. The specifications which be use in the same way.

In the template

- Where you want the pagination and the search box

<div class="row">
{% include "search_listview/search_and_page.html" %}

- In the footer

<!--Need jQuery-->
<script src="{% static 'search_listview/js/search_listview.js' %}"></script>

Now you have a beautifull box with all the fields you need.

![Alt tag](/docs/search_box.png?raw=true "Search box")

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