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django-searchable-select - a better and faster multiple selection widget with suggestions for Django

Project description


A better and faster multiple selection widget with suggestions for Django

What is this?

This plugin provides a replacement for standard multi-choice select on Django admin pages.

You can use this as custom widget for ManyToManyField.


  • Filtering is performed on server side and thus significantly improves performance.
  • Uses Twitter Typeahead to provide suggestion completion.
  • Works great with ManyToMany fields that can be chosen from thousands of thousands of choices, e. g. User - City relations.








  1. Install django-searchable-select.

    $ pip install django-searchable-select
  2. Add ‘searchableselect’ to your settings.

        # ...
        # ...
  3. Add URL pattern required for the suggesting engine to your root

    urlpatterns = patterns(
        # ...
        url('^searchableselect/', include('searchableselect.urls')),
        # ...
  4. Use the widget in your model admin class:

    from django import models, forms
    from searchableselect.widgets import SearchableSelect
    from models import Traveler
    class TravelerForm(forms.ModelForm):
        class Meta:
            model = Traveler
            exclude = ()
            widgets = {
                'cities_visited': SearchableSelect(model='cities.City', search_field='name', limit=10)
    class TravelerAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
        form = TravelerForm, TravelerAdmin)

    Remember to always initialize SearchableSelect with three keyword arguments: model, search_field and many.

    • model is the string in form APP_NAME.MODEL_NAME representing your model in the project, e. g. ‘cities.City’
    • search_field is the field within model that will be used to perform filtering, e. g. ‘name’
    • many must be True for ManyToManyField and False for ForeignKey.
    • limit (optional) specifies the maximum count of entries to retrieve. Defaults to 10.

Example app

Just run the project from example directory, head to, login as admin/admin and try adding Cats!

Supported versions

  • Python 2.7.x: Django 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10
  • Python 3.x: Django 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 2.0

Known issues

  • Not tested with empty fields.


I’m looking forward to bug reports and any kind of contribution.


You are free to use this where you want as long as you keep the author reference. Please see LICENSE for more info.

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