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Django Secured Fields

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Django encrypted fields with search enabled.


  • Automatically encrypt/decrypt field value using cryptography's Fernet
  • Built-in search lookup on the encrypted fields from hashlib's SHA-256 hash value. in lookup also supported.
  • Supports most of available Django fields including BinaryField, JSONField, and FileField.


pip install django-secured-fields


  1. Add secured_fields into INSTALLED_APPS

  2. Generate a new key using for encryption

    $ python generate_key
    KEY: TtY8MAeXuhdKDd1HfGUwim-vQ8H7fXyRQ9J8pTi_-lg=
    HASH_SALT: 500d492e
  3. Put generated key and hash salt in settings

    SECURED_FIELDS_KEY = 'TtY8MAeXuhdKDd1HfGUwim-vQ8H7fXyRQ9J8pTi_-lg='
    SECURED_FIELDS_HASH_SALT = '500d492e'  # optional


Simple Usage

import secured_fields

phone_number = secured_fields.EncryptedCharField(max_length=10)

Enable Searching

import secured_fields

id_card_number = secured_fields.EncryptedCharField(max_length=18, searchable=True)

Supported Fields

  • EncryptedBinaryField
  • EncryptedBooleanField
  • EncryptedCharField
  • EncryptedDateField
  • EncryptedDateTimeField
  • EncryptedDecimalField
  • EncryptedFileField
  • EncryptedImageField
  • EncryptedIntegerField
  • EncryptedJSONField
  • EncryptedTextField


Key Required Default Description
SECURED_FIELDS_KEY Yes Key for using in encryption/decryption with Fernet. Usually generated from python generate_key.
SECURED_FIELDS_HASH_SALT No '' Salt to append after the field value before hashing. Usually generated from python generate_key.
SECURED_FIELDS_FILE_STORAGE No '' File storage class used for storing encrypted file/image fields. See EncryptedStorageMixin


Field Arguments

Name Type Required Default Description
searchable bool No False Enable search function


> from secured_fields.fernet import get_fernet

> data = b'test'

> encrypted_data = get_fernet().encrypt(data)
> encrypted_data

> get_fernet().decrypt(encrypted_data)


If you have a field which does not supported by the package, you can use EncryptedMixin to enable encryption and search functionality for that custom field.

import secured_fields
from django.db import models

class EncryptedUUIDField(secured_fields.EncryptedMixin, models.UUIDField):

task_id = EncryptedUUIDField(searchable=True)


If you use a custom file storage class (e.g. defined in's DEFAULT_FILE_STORAGE), you can enable file encryption using EncryptedStorageMixin.

import secured_fields
from import MinioMediaStorage

class EncryptedMinioMediaStorage(

Known Limitation

  • in lookup on JSONField is not available
  • Large files are not performance-friendly at the moment (see #2)
  • Search on BinaryField does not supported at the moment (see #6)
  • Changing searchable value in a field with the records in the database is not supported (see #7)



  • Docker
  • Poetry
  • MySQL Client
    • brew install mysql-client
    • echo 'export PATH="/usr/local/opt/mysql-client/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bash_profile

Running Project

  1. Start backend databases

    make up-db
  2. Run tests (see: Testing)


make lint


make test

Fix Formatting

make yapf

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