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A gunicorn based django runserver command.

Project description


A gunicorn based django runserver command.


python3 -m pip install django-serve




./ serve


  • --addr The socket address to bind [default=]
  • --port The socket port to bind [default=8000]
  • --workers The number of worker processes for handling requests [default max(1, (cpu + 1) / 2)]
  • --name A base to use with setproctitle for process naming [default=django]
  • --wsgi Dotted path to wsgi application [default=settings.WSGI_APPLICATION]
  • --config The Gunicorn config file [default=None]
  • --log-level The granularity of Error log outputs (debug, info, warning, error, critical) [default=info]
  • --logformat The access log format (default='"%(m)s %(U)s%(q)s %(H)s" %(s)s %(B)s' same as default django runserver)
  • --logger-class The logger you want to use to log events [default=gunicorn_color.Logger if installed else gunicorn default one]
  • --reload-engine Which reload engine to use between polling or inotify (or not at all) [default=auto]



  • add LOG_LEVEL env support
  • add WORKERS env support
  • drop Django < 3.2 support
  • add Django 4.0 and 4.1 support
  • drop Python < 3.8 support
  • add Python 3.11 support
  • update isort and flake8 config
  • add rule for __future__ annotations


  • use black
  • drop Python 3.5 support
  • add Django 3.2 support
  • add Python 3.9 and 3.10 support
  • add django-serve command
  • add support for python -m django_serve
  • install inotify only on linux platform
  • add --reload-engine and DJANGO_DEFAULT_RELOAD_ENGINE option
  • update default workers count


  • add gunicorn-color as required


  • initial implementation
  • add support for gunicorn config file
  • add custom django reloader
  • add log-level option
  • add logformat configuration
  • add logger-class option

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