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This Django app allows you to export certain settings to your templates.

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Often it is needed to make some of your Django project’s settings accessible from within templates. This app provides a simple mechanism for doing just that.


  • Explicit is better than implicit: Only explicitly listed settings keys are exported to templates.

  • Errors should never pass silently: Accessing an undefined or unexported setting key from a template results in an exception.

Tested on Python 2.7+, Django 1.5+.


$ pip install django-settings-export

Add 'django_settings_export.settings_export' to template context processor list in your

Django 1.8 and newer:

        # …
        'OPTIONS': {
            'context_processors': [
                # …

Django older than 1.8:

    # [...]


All settings that should be made accessible from templates need to be explicitly listed in settings.SETTINGS_EXPORT:


DEBUG = True
GA_ID = 'UA-00000-0'


Now you can access those exported settings from your templates via settings.<KEY>:

<!-- template.html -->

{% if not settings.DEBUG %}
    <script>ga('create', '{{ settings.GA_ID }}', 'auto');</script>
{% endif %}

The settings variable is an instance of dict subclass, so you use all the methods dict provides. For example, you can iterate over the keys and values using , settings.keys, settings.values, settings.items, etc:

{% for key, value in settings.items %}
    {{ key }}: {{ value }}
{% endfor %}

Changing the settings variable name

If you wish to change the name of the context variable to something besides settings, add SETTINGS_EXPORT_VARIABLE_NAME = 'custom_name' to your This is useful when some other plugin is already adding settings to your template contexts.

FOO = 'bar'
<!-- template.html -->

{{ my_config.FOO }}


These custom exceptions can be thrown:

  • Listing an undefined setting key in SETTINGS_EXPORT results in an UndefinedSettingError.

  • Accessing a unexported setting key on the settings object in a template results in an UnexportedSettingError.

All subclass from django_settings_export.SettingsExportError.

Demo & Tests

See the source code of the bundled demo app.


$ cd tests

# Run demo
$ python runserver

# Run tests on current Python
$ python test

# Run tests on all Pythons
$ tox

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BSD. See LICENCE for more details.


Jakub Roztocil

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