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Django Shirow package

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Django Shirow

To connect to the RPC servers based on Shirow, clients have to be authenticated using the Django authentication system. Thus, the package provides the create_token_if_needed decorator which is intended for Django views. First, the decorator tries to obtain a token from Redis. Then, in case the try doesn’t succeed, create_token_if_needed will create and put it into Redis and the user’s session. Finally, the client can get the token from the session and prove the RPC server he/she is an authenticated user.

The decorator uses JWT for generating tokens. JWT (JSON Web Token) is the open standard defined in RFC 7519.


$ pip install django-shirow


This Django application uses the following configuration keys:

  • SECRET_KEY is a string which contains a secret. Django uses the configuration key for cryptographic signing, but create_token_if_needed uses it for signing the tokens, using the algorithm specified by TOKEN_ALGORITHM_ENCODING (see below).

  • TOKEN_TTL is a number which contains a time-in-seconds value. It indicates how long tokens are considered valid. If TOKEN_TTL is not set, then TTL is set to 900 (15 minutes).

  • TOKEN_ALGORITHM_ENCODING is a string which contains one of the algorithms used for signing tokens. If TOKEN_ALGORITHM_ENCODING is not set, then the algorithm is set to HS256.

  • REDIS_HOST is a string which contains the Redis host. If REDIS_HOST is not set, then the host is set to

  • REDIS_PORT is a number which contains the port the Redis server listens on. If REDIS_PORT is not set, then the port is set to 6379.

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