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A Django app which adds a ShortTextField model field, whichis like a TextField in the database but uses the TextInputrather than the Textarea widget in forms.

Project description

Short Text Field for Django

A very simple Django app that adds a ShortTextField model field class, which is treated like a TextField in the database (i.e. the data is stored in the database with the text rather than the varchar type, and the developer does not need to specify a max_length), but uses the TextInput widget (a single- line <input type="text>) by default rather than Textarea. This is ideal for PostgreSQL, which recommends the 'text' type in a wider variety of circumstances than other commonly-used database backends (see the PostgreSQL docs).


This package is available from PyPI, so you can install it using pip like this:

pip install django-short-text-field


  1. Add 'short_text_field' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

  2. Add a ShortTextField to a model like this:

    from short_text_field.models import ShortTextField
      class ExampleModel(models.Model):
            example_field = ShortTextField
  3. A model with a ShortTextField should be registered in the admin site using short_text_field.admin.ModelAdmin., short_text_field.admin.ModelAdmin)

    A subclass of this class will also work:

    class ExampleModelAdmin(short_text_field.admin.ModelAdmin):
        model = ExampleModel
        ..., ExampleModelAdmin)

    If you have a hierarchy of ModelAdmin subclasses, you can still incorporate short_text_field.admin.ModelAdmin easily as a mixin:

    class ExampleModelAdmin2(short_text_field.admin.ModelAdmin, ExampleModelAdmin1):
        model = ExampleModel
        ..., ExampleModelAdmin)

    You can also use a subclass of short_text_field.admin.AdminSite for the site, which will make short_text_field.admin.ModelAdmin the default ModelAdmin subclass to use for registering. In the simplest case, you can just set the default_site attribute of the AdminConfig class and then register all of your models in the normal way:

    from django.contrib.admin import apps
    import short_text_field.admin.AdminSite
    class ExampleAdminConfig(apps.AdminConfig):
        default_site = short_text_field.admin.AdminSite

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