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Create simple JSON APIs with Django

Project description

Django Simple JSON API


pip install django-simple-json-api


Add dsjapi.decorators.api or dsjapi.decorators.api_rq to your view function.
Return a JSON serializable object or a django.http.HttpResponse object.
Raising a dsjapi.exceptions.ServerException exception will automatically return the appropriate JSON response.

Decorator parameters

  • field
    Expected field in request body. Default is None.
  • allowedMethods
    list of str
    Allowed HTTP methods (uppercase). Default is ["GET", "POST"].
  • safeEncoding
    True to allow non-dict response objects. Default is False.

@api vs @api_rq

  • @api only provides the validated request data.
  • @api_rq provides a dsjapi.decorators.Request object that contains both request (the original django.http.HttpRequest object) and data (the validated request data) attributes.



from dsjapi.decorators import api
from dsjapi.fields import *

@api (DictField ({
    "name": StringField (minLength=2, maxLength=32, regex=r'^[a-zA-Z ]+$'),
    "bio": StringField (maxLength=64, missing=Field.Do.DEFAULT, default=""), # Optional (default to "")
    "age": IntField (min=18, max=130)
def index (data):
    result = putUser (data["name"], data["bio"], data["age"])
    return { "result": result }
from dsjapi.decorators import api
from dsjapi.fields import *

@api (DictField ({
    "start": ListField.byLength (2, FloatField ()),
    "end": ListField.byLength (2, FloatField (), missing=Field.Do.SKIP), # Optional
    "time": FloatField (min=120, max=60*60)
def index (data):
    if "end" in data:
        route = getARoute (data["start"], data["time"])
        route = getABRoute (data["start"], data["end"], data["time"])
    return { "route": route }
from dsjapi.decorators import api
from dsjapi.fields import *

@api (DictField ({
    "numbers": ListField.byLength (2, FloatField (min=0))
def index (data):
    sum = 0
    for number in data["numbers"]:
        sum += number
    avg = sum / len (data["numbers"])
    return { "average": avg }
from dsjapi.decorators import api
from dsjapi.fields import *
from dsjapi.exceptions import *

@api (DictField ({
    "id": IntField (min=0, max=4096),
    "password": StringField (min=8, max=32)
def index (data):
    user = getUserById (data["id"])
    if user is None:
        raise NotFoundException ("User not found")
    if user.getPassword () != data["password"]:
        raise AuthenticationException ("Wrong password")
    return { "id": user.getId (), "score": user.getScore () }

Custom fields

from dsjapi.fields import IntField, FieldException

class EvenNumberField (IntField):

    def __init__ (self, min=None, max=None, missing=Field.Do.RAISE, error=Field.Do.RAISE, default=None):
        super ().__init__ (int, min=min, max=max, missing=missing, error=error, default=default)

    def clean (self, value):
        value = super ().clean (value)
        if value % 2 != 0:
            raise FieldException ("Odd number")
        return value

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