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Django simpletask2 handler server.

Project description


The server program used with django-simpletask2. After startup, it can automatically process the asynchronous processing tasks generated by django-simpletask2.


pip install django-simpletask2-server


C:\test\django-simpletask2>django-simpletask2-server --help
Usage: django-simpletask2-server [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  --logfmt TEXT
  --logfile TEXT
  --loglevel TEXT
  --pidfile TEXT                  pidfile file path.
  --workspace TEXT                Set running folder
  --daemon / --no-daemon          Run application in background or in

  -c, --config TEXT               Config file path. Application will search
                                  config file if this option is missing. Use
                                  sub-command show-config-fileapaths to get
                                  the searching tactics.

  --error-sleep INTEGER
  --idle-sleep INTEGER
  -t, --threads INTEGER
  --auto-reset-task-interval INTEGER
  --do-auto-reset-task / --no-do-auto-reset-task
  --task-pull-timeout INTEGER
  --task-pull-engine TEXT
  --channel-flags-template TEXT
  --channel-name-strip-regex TEXT
  --channel-name-template TEXT
  -c, --channels TEXT
  -r, --redis TEXT
  -a, --aclkey TEXT
  -s, --server TEXT
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

  restart                Restart Daemon application.
  show-config-filepaths  Print out the config searching paths.
  start                  Start daemon application.
  stop                   Stop daemon application.

Config items

  • server: Required. Default to:。
  • aclkey: Required. No default value.
  • channels: Required. Default to "default".
  • threads: Required. Default to 1.
  • task-pull-engine Required. Default to "redis". Other options are: api.
  • idle_sleep: Default to 5 seconds.
  • error_sleep: Default to 5 seconds.


v0.0.6 2021/09/24

  • First release.

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django-simpletask2-server-0.0.6.tar.gz (5.8 kB view hashes)

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