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A middleware that secures URLS.

Project description

Django SSL Slapper

Django-SSL-Slapper is a middleware that allows you to set urls to ssl only. It can also redirects anonymous users off your https service onto your http. Logged-in users may also be directed to https.

Django-SSL-Slapper can also use cache to count the number of login attempts and slap away excessive entries (default more than 20 per minute). THe user account is temporary locked for a timer period (default 1 minute). The default settings should disrupt automated attempts for entry without bothering even the quickest users.


```pip install django-ssl-slapper```

Add ```'ssl_slapper.middleware.ssl_redirect'``` to middleware in your django settings file for redirection

Add ```'ssl_slapper.middleware.rate_limit'``` to middleware in your django settings file for rate_limiting. You will want to enable memcache for this.

It is recommended that you set ```SESSION_COOKIE_SECURE = True``` to ensure that your site is secured to use https only for authenticated users.

That's it! The middleware shuld automatically detect your login pages and slap away!

SSL_Redirect Settings

```SSL_SLAPPER_SSL_ONLY_PAGES = (reverse(django.contrib.auth.views.login), [[any admin pages]])``` Add to this list any pages that you want to always redirect to https.

```SSL_SLAPPER_SSL_REDIRECT_ANONYMOUS=True``` Set to true to redirect anonymous users to http.

```SSL_SLAPPER_SSL_REDIRECT_AUTHENTICATED=True``` Set to true to redirect authenticated users to https.

```SSL_REDIRECT_COOKIE= 'logged-in'``` Set to the name you want for the cookie to identify logged-in users

```SSL_SLAPPER_SSL_IGNORE_PAGES=None``` Set to a list containing any urls, for examples API url, that should not be redirected.

SSL_Rate_Limit Settings

```SSL_SLAPPER_RATE_LIMIT_PAGES = SSL_ONLY_PAGES``` Add to this list any pages that you want to ratelimit.
```SSL_SLAPPER_RATE_LIMIT_MINUTES=1``` = Minutes to wait before login counter is reset
```SSL_SLAPPER_RATE_LIMIT_KEY_FIELD='username'``` Field, if present, to track login attemps. If missing, then will use ip address
```SSL_SLAPPER_RATE_LIMIT_MAX_REQUESTS=20``` Set to the maximum number of requests within the RATE_LIMIT_MINUTES before the account will be locked.
```SSL_SLAPPER_RATE_LIMIT_CACHE_PREFIX='rl-'``` Cache prefix for rate limit cache

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