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Django Stackedit Markdown Editor

Project description

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Martor is Markdown Editor plugin for Django and new face of DracEditor.


  • Live Preview

  • Integrated with Ace Editor

  • Integrated with Semantic-UI

  • Support Multiple Fields (fixed this issue)

  • Upload Image to (via API) and custom uploader.

  • Direct Mention users @[username] - (require user to logged in)

  • Support embed/iframe video from (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Yahoo, Veoh, & Metacafe)

  • Emoji :emoji_name: + Cheat sheets

  • Martor Commands Refference

  • Support Django Admin

  • Toolbar Buttons

  • Highlight pre



  • Django>=2.0

  • Markdown>=3.0

  • requests>=2.12.4


Martor is available directly from PyPI:

  1. Installing the package.

$ pip install martor
  1. Don’t forget to add 'martor' to your 'INSTALLED_APPS' setting (without migrations).

  1. Add url pattern to your

# django >= 2.0
urlpatterns = [
    path('martor/', include('martor.urls')),

# django <= 1.9
urlpatterns = [
    url(r'^martor/', include('martor.urls')),
  1. Collect included some martor static files to your STATIC_ROOT folder.

./ collectstatic

Setting Configurations

Please register application in to get IMGUR_CLIENT_ID and IMGUR_API_KEY.

# Global martor settings
# Input: string boolean, `true/false`
    'imgur': 'true',     # to enable/disable imgur/custom uploader.
    'mention': 'false',  # to enable/disable mention
    'jquery': 'true',    # to include/revoke jquery (require for admin default django)
    'living': 'false',   # to enable/disable live updates in preview

# To setup the martor editor with label or not (default is False)

# Imgur API Keys
MARTOR_IMGUR_CLIENT_ID = 'your-client-id'
MARTOR_IMGUR_API_KEY   = 'your-api-key'

# Safe Mode

# Markdownify
MARTOR_MARKDOWNIFY_FUNCTION = 'martor.utils.markdownify' # default
MARTOR_MARKDOWNIFY_URL = '/martor/markdownify/' # default

# Markdown extensions (default)

    # Custom markdown extensions.
    'martor.extensions.del_ins',    # ~~strikethrough~~ and ++underscores++
    'martor.extensions.mention',    # to parse markdown mention
    'martor.extensions.emoji',      # to parse markdown emoji
    'martor.extensions.mdx_video',  # to parse embed/iframe video

# Markdown Extensions Configs

# Markdown urls
MARTOR_UPLOAD_URL = '/martor/uploader/' # default
MARTOR_SEARCH_USERS_URL = '/martor/search-user/' # default

# Markdown Extensions
MARTOR_MARKDOWN_BASE_MENTION_URL = '' # default (change this)

Check this setting is not set else csrf will not be sent over ajax calls:




from django.db import models
from martor.models import MartorField

class Post(models.Model):
    description = MartorField()


from django import forms
from martor.fields import MartorFormField

class PostForm(forms.Form):
    description = MartorFormField()


from django.db import models
from django.contrib import admin

from martor.widgets import AdminMartorWidget

from yourapp.models import YourModel

class YourModelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    formfield_overrides = {
        models.TextField: {'widget': AdminMartorWidget},
    }, YourModelAdmin)


Simply safe the markdown content as html ouput with loading the templatetags from martor/templatetags/

{% load martortags %}
{{ field_name|safe_markdown }}

# example
{{ post.description|safe_markdown }}

Custom Uploader

If you want to save the images uploaded to your storage, Martor also provide to handle it. Please checkout this WIKI.

Test the Martor from this Repository

I assume you already setup with virtual enviroment (virtualenv).

$ git clone
$ cd django-markdown-editor/ && python install
$ cd martor_demo/
$ python makemigrations && python migrate
$ python runserver

And let checkout at to your browser.

Martor Commands Refference


Martor was inspired by great django-markdownx, Python Markdown and Online reStructuredText editor.

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