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A powerful HTML whitespace remover for Django

Project description

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Introduction :

A powerful tool to optimize Django rendered templates

Why use “django_stip_whitespace” ?

  • Adds line break to InlineJS.
  • It can automagically minify inline CSS, JS.
  • Removes <!–prettier-ignore–> from HTML.
  • It speeds up website by reducing the HTML size.
  • Drop in replacement for django.gzip.GzipMiddleware.
  • It compiles regex at runtime. So it’s blazing fast.
  • Its mostly based on C ( gzip ) and Rust ( minify-html ) libraries.
  • Significantly lower bytes transferred when working with frameworks like AlpineJs ( Almost fully working & Please open a issue in the Issue Tracker if you encounter any bug) & Petite Vue.
  • Is very customizable. ( You can configure lower level minify-html rust bindings and also the lower level python bindings from )

Why souldn’t you use “django_stip_whitespace” ?

  • You don’t like having unnecessary ‘;;’ in your HTML. ( If you know any regex to fix this please put a pull request )
  • Although I tried my best to use Compiled Language for Optimizations. It can still be sub miliseconds ( > 0.001 ) slower compared to normal Django Rendering. ( If you know any way to improve performance, please put a pull request )

Requirements :

  • python-strip-whitespace
  • Django > 3 ( Should work with version 2? )
  • Python 3 ( Should work with all version? )
  • Brotli ( or BrotliPy ) | ( Optional )
  • ZSTD ( Optional )

User guide :

Installation :

Install with pip from pypi (No extra dependencies):

$ python -m pip install django_strip_whitespace

Install with pip with Brotli support:

$ python -m pip install django_strip_whitespace[brotli]

Same but with Zstandard support:

$ python -m pip install django_strip_whitespace[zstd]

Install with pip from github ( Development | Not Recommended for Production ):

$ python -m pip install

Then include it in your django project:


Or if you like:

MIDDLEWARE += "strip_whitespace.middlewares.HtmlStripWhiteSpaceMiddleware.html_strip_whitespace"

Customization :

Change Lower Level Bindings :

Rust :

The module allows rust minifier options to be changed from Django’s file. If you would like to change any settings, refer to minify-html’s source code.

The bindings are ( by default set to True ):

STRIP_WHITESPACE_RUST_DO_NOT_MINIFY_DOCTYPE, # passes do_not_minify_doctype to minify-html
STRIP_WHITESPACE_RUST_ENSURE_SPEC_CONPLIANT_UNQUOTED_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES, # passes ensure_spec_compliant_unquoted_attribute_values to minify-html
STRIP_WHITESPACE_RUST_KEEP_CLOSING_TAGS, # passes keep_closing_tags to minify-html
STRIP_WHITESPACE_RUST_KEEP_COMMENTS, # passes keep_comments to minify-html
STRIP_WHITESPACE_RUST_KEEP_HTML_AND_HEAD_OPENING_TAGS, # passes keep_html_and_head_opening_tags to minify-html
STRIP_WHITESPACE_RUST_KEEP_SPACES_BETWEEN_ATTRIBUTES, # passes keep_spaces_between_attributes to minify-html
STRIP_WHITESPACE_RUST_MINIFY_CSS, # passes minify_css to minify-html
STRIP_WHITESPACE_RUST_MINIFY_JS, # passes minify_js to minify-html
STRIP_WHITESPACE_RUST_REMOVE_BANGS, # passes remove_bangs to minify-html
STRIP_WHITESPACE_RUST_REMOVE_PROCESSING_INSTRUCTIONS, # passes remove_processing_instructions to minify-html

If you would like to change any of the above variables, simply put them in ( Please note that every variable here is a python boolean ).

For example:



Python :

The module allows python minifier options to be changed from Django’s file. If you would like to change any settings, refer to python-module’s source code.

The bindings are ( by default set to a sane value ):

STRIP_WHITESPACE_PYTHON_REMOVE_COMMENTS, # False | removes comments from HTML using python ( not recommended cause rust can do that just fine and fast )
STRIP_WHITESPACE_PYTHON_CONDENSE_STYLE_FROM_HTML, # True | replaces '<style text/css>' -> '<style>'
STRIP_WHITESPACE_PYTHON_CONDENSE_SCRIPT_FROM_HTML, # True | replaces '<script text/javascript>' -> '<script>'
STRIP_WHITESPACE_PYTHON_CLEAN_UNNEEDED_HTML_TAGS, # True | removes some unnecessary tags
STRIP_WHITESPACE_PYTHON_CONDENSE_HTML_WHITESPACE, # True | This is where the magic happens.

If you would like to change any of the above variables, simply put them in ( Please note that every variable here is a python boolean )

For example:



Change Ignored Paths :

This module allows dynamic ignored path allocation. So for example if your sitemap.xml is at url ‘/sitemap.xml’ and you want to avoid minifying it ( Because this module in lower level is meant to minify HTML not XML ). Then you can add it to ignored path. ( By default it ignores ‘/sitemap.xml’ )

To customize ignored path:



Change NBSP Mangle Character :

This module first replaces the &nbsp; character from html with a character. For example &nbsp; becomes ‘অ’ ( I picked ‘অ’ because its a foreign character and not many sites use the character like this ‘অ’ ). If for some reason this character is causing problem in your HTML. You can change this from .

To change &nbsp; mangle character:


# Keep the string as  short as possible.
# If you make it long,
# the python str.replace() method will use more CPU and RAM thus slowing your site down.


Change Compression Settings :

This module can do the work of django.gzip middleware. ( It can also do brotli, zstd 👀 )

To change the compression algorithm ( by default using ‘gzip’ because it’s a python stdlib):

STRIP_WHITESPACE_COMPRESSION_ALGORITHM = "gzip" or "br" or "zstd" or "plain"

To use this module with django.gzip middleware ( or django_brotli middleware ):


Contributing :

If you like this project add a star. If you have problems or suggestions please put them in the Issue Tracker. If you like to add features. Fork this repo and submit a Pull Request. 😛

Updates ?? :

This repository is freezed. It will automatically install latest python-strip-whitespace

Special Thanks to :

  • alfonsrv : For making me realize that this module can be used without django gzip middleware

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