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A Django oriented templated / transaction email abstraction

Project description

:Info: A Django oriented templated email sending class
:Author: Bradley Whittington (,

django-templated-email is oriented towards sending templated emails
intended for use with transactional mailers (ala mailchimp, silverpop,
etc.), but currently comes out of the box with a backend class which
uses django's templating system, and django's core.mail functions.

The send_templated_email method can be thought of as the render_to_response
shortcut for email.

Getting going - installation


pip install templated_email

You can add the following to your (but it works out the box)::

TEMPLATED_EMAIL_BACKEND = 'templated_email.backends.vanilla_django.TemplateBackend'

# For the django back-end specifically
'welcome':'Welcome to my website',

Getting going - sending your template emails

Example usage using vanilla_django TemplateBackend backend

Python to send mail::

from templated_email import send_templated_email

Which looks in django template directories/loaders for
*templated_email/welcome.txt* ::

Hey {{full_name}},

You just signed up for my website, using:
username: {{username}}
join date: {{signup_date}}

Thanks, you rock!

It will also use *templated_email/welcome.html* for the html part
of the email allowing you to make it so much pretty. It is plausible
that one day there will be support for attachments and inline mime / images

.. _Django:

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