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A Tequila authentication backend for django

Project description


Tequila authentication for django.


django-tequila needs the Django 3.2+ LTS

This project also expects a fully operational Tequila server.


pip install django-tequila


  • Add at the end of your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES:


  • Add the line:

    AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ('django_tequila.django_backend.TequilaBackend',)
  • Set a name that will be displayed on the tequila login page:

    TEQUILA_SERVICE_NAME = "django_tequila_service"
  • Finally, add / customize login/logout workflow

    LOGIN_URL = "/login"
    LOGOUT_URL = '/'
    LOGIN_REDIRECT_IF_NOT_ALLOWED = "/not_allowed"

  • Add these lines:

    from django_tequila.urls import urlpatterns as django_tequila_urlpatterns
    urlpatterns += django_tequila_urlpatterns

Profile customization

You may want to keep some additional information about the user. Take a look at this page for more information about profile customization.

Here is an example for a profile for Django 2.0

  • Create a custom User model in your (see ./sample_app/python3-8-django-2/django_tequila_app/

  • in your, tell django to use your model (see ./sample_app/python3-8-django-2/django_tequila_app/


  • Update your database:

    ./ syncdb

Site Admin customizations

  • Add or modify your file, like ./sample_app/python3-8-django-2/django_tequila_app/

Additional tips and settings

Advanced settings

  • If you need to use your personal server, change this parameter:

  • You may want to create an inactive user when someone try to connect to your app. So you can manually control who access it. If this is the case, add this line to

  • You may want to add some custom allow with Tequila. If this is the case, add this line to

    TEQUILA_CONFIG_ALLOW = 'categorie=shibboleth'

    or, for multiple allow :

    TEQUILA_CONFIG_ALLOW = ‘categorie=shibboleth|categorie=epfl-old’

  • You may want to add some custom paramaters with Tequila. If this is the case, add this line to

  • Everytime the user connect trought the Tequila process, he is redirected to an url that has a ‘key’ parameter. For some esthetic reasons,you may want to remove this parameter, so add this line to


    As it creates a redirect to the cleaned address and add an additional page hit, The value by default is False

  • You can force a strong authentication so add this line to


    Default value is False

  • The only value that is truly unique is the sciper (‘uniqueid’ in Tequila). If your application need a different usage, you can set to a different field (at your own risk though). You can add this line to


    Ex. : username, email, etc.

    Default value is username

  • You may want to allow multiple hosts to fetch requested information. If this is the case, add this line to


    Ex. : “|”

    Default to None

  • You can allow guests to log in so add this line to


    Default value is False

Sample app

You can find some django app examples in ./django-tequila/sample_app/python3-8-django-4 Add a .env file like the ./.env.sample and the run it with Django 4, at the root of the project

make build init-db

Or, for Django 1.11, prefix every make with the DOCKERFILES env set, like this

DOCKERFILES='-f sample_app/python3-6-django-1/docker-compose.yml' make build init-db

Then open in your browser

Use make logs if needed, or make stop to shut it down


Sometimes we struggle to get the aimed result, showing some log may help :

  • Add and customize as you need this logger to your settings

    'django_tequila': {
            'handlers': ['console'],
            'level': 'DEBUG',


  • The sample app can be used to debug. We use remote_pdb for this case. Set this snippet in the code

    from remote_pdb import RemotePdb
    RemotePdb('', 4445).set_trace()
  • Then go into the container

    make bash
  • Finally connect to the debug session with

    telnet 4445

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