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A Django application that provides a fully functional TinyMCE 4 editor widget for models and forms.

Project description


django-tinymce4-lite is a reworked fork of django-tinymce4. It provides a fully functional TinyMCE 4 editor widget that can be used in Django forms and models.

The application can use django-filebrowser-no-grappelli as a file manager for TinyMCE 4 to insert images and file links into edited text.

Warning: TinyMCE 4 is incompatible with TinyMCE 3. Read TinyMCE docs for more information about how to configure TimyMCE 4 editor widget.

Note: This package includes the latest available version of TinyMCE 4 - 4.9.2. Currently there are no concrete plans to support TinyMCE 5, and if it happens, it will be in a separate package with a different name.


  • Python: 3.5+

  • Django: 1.11+

Quick Start

Install django-tinymce4-lite:

$ pip install django-tinymce4-lite

Add tinymce to INSTALLED_APPS in for your Django project:


Add tinymce.urls to for your project:

urlpatterns = [
    path('tinymce/', include('tinymce.urls')),

Or with old-style regex url:

urlpatterns = [
    url(r'^tinymce/', include('tinymce.urls')),

In your code:

from django.db import models
from tinymce import HTMLField

class MyModel(models.Model):
    content = HTMLField('Content')

In Django Admin the widget is used automatically for all models that have HTMLField fields. If you are using TinyMCE 4 in your website forms, add variable into your templates:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  {{ }}



MIT license. See LICENSE.txt



  • Removed Python 2.7 support.

  • Added support for Python 3.8, Django 2.2 and 3.0


  • Support translated strings in settings (merwok).

  • Set TinyMCE localization language when rendering the widget instead of the widget class initialization (allows to set TinyMCE language depending on the web page locale).


  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.9.2


  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.8.3


  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.8.0.

  • Various fixes (maqmigh, ojiii, rvanlaar).


  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.7.11


  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.7.4

  • Fixed using TinyMCE in non-admin forms.

  • Fixed compatibility with django-filebrowser-no-grapelli. This broke compatibility with django-filebrowser (based on grapelli) until the latter adds support for TinyMCE 4.


  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.7.2.

  • Added compatibility with Django 2.0 (thomwiggers).

  • Fixed dropped widget attributes in Django => 1.11 (bentrm).

  • Fixed missing Changelog in sdist .gz distribution.


  • Fixed rendering TinyMCE widgets with multiple inline formsets in Django admin (se-bastiaan).

  • Fixed running Django management commands with ManifestStaticFilesStorage and DEBUG = False (hopefully).

  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.6.7.


  • Fixed running collectstatic command with ManifestStaticFilesStorage and DEBUG = False.


  • Security: protected spellchecker REST endpoint from CRSF.

  • Implemented correct handling of TinyMCE widgets inside inline formsets in Django admin interface.

  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.6.6.


  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.6.4.

  • Fixed the default editor config.


  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.6.2.

  • Added text format selector to the default editor configuration.


  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.6.0.


  • Fixed compatibility with Django v.1.11.


  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.5.5.

  • Fixed language file configuration for languages with country codes (Gagaro).

  • Rendering of the TinyMCE 4 is now tested with Selenium/PhantomJS.


  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.5.1.


  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.4.3

  • Added TINYMCE_ADDITIONAL_JS_URLS configuration option.


  • Upgraded TinyMCE to v.4.4.1.

  • Added Django 1.10 to compatibility matrix.


  • Initial PyPI release.

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