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miscellaneous tools for django

Project description

h2. description

miscellaneous tools for django

h2. Backwards-incompatible changes

h3. v0.9

Language code field and SelectMediaPath are renamed.

*from django_tools.fields import LanguageCodeFormField*
*from django_tools.fields.language_code import LanguageCodeFormField*

change and rename:
*from django_tools.fields import LanguageCodeField*
*from django_tools.fields.language_code import LanguageCodeModelField*

change and rename:
*from django_tools.widgets import SelectMediaPath*
*from django_tools.fields.media_path import MediaPathWidget*

h2. history

* v0.16.4
** Bugfix: """get_db_prep_save() got an unexpected keyword argument 'connection'""" when save a SignSeparatedModelField()
* v0.16.3
** Update BrowserDebug: Use response.templates instead of response.template and make output nicer
* v0.16.2
** Merge stack info code and display better stack info on browser debug page
* v0.16.1
** Update django_tools.utils.messages.StackInfoStorage for django code changes.
* v0.16.0
** NEW: path model field (check if direcotry exist)
* v0.15.0
** NEW: Add a flexible URL field (own validator, model- and form-field)
* v0.14.1
** Bugfix: make path in MediaPathModelField relativ (remove slashes)
* v0.14
** NEW: django-tagging addon: Display existing tags under a tag field
* v0.13
** Bugfix UnicodeEncodeError in Browser debug
* v0.12
** NEW: django_tools.utils.messages.failsafe_message
* v0.11
** NEW: Store data in a secure cookie, see: utils/
* v0.10.1
** New: Display used templates in unittest BrowserDebug
** Bugfix: catch if last usermessages exist
* v0.10.0
** NEW: utils around django messages, see: /django_tools/utils/
* v0.9.1
** Bugfix: database column was not created: don't overwrite get_internal_type()
* v0.9
** New: stuff in /django_tools/fields/
** see also backwards-incompatible changes, above!
* v0.8.2
** New: widgets.SelectMediaPath(): Select a sub directory in settings.MEDIA_ROOT
** New: fields.SignSeparatedField()
* v0.8.1
** Add "no_args" keyword argument to installed_apps_utils.get_filtered_apps()
* v0.8.0
** Add model LanguageCode field and form LanguageCode field in Accept-Language header format (RFC 2616)
* v0.7.0
** Add
* v0.6.0
** Add forms_utils.LimitManyToManyFields, crosspost:
* v0.5.0
** Add template/ from PyLucid v0.8.x
* v0.4.0
** Add experimental "warn_invalid_template_vars"
* v0.3.1
** Bugfix: Exclude the instance if it was saved in the past.
* v0.3.0
** Add utils.installed_apps_utils
* v0.2.0
** Add models_utils, see: (de)
* v0.1.0
** first version cut out from PyLucid CMS -

h2. pip upgrade

To do a pip upgrade in a virtual environment, run this:

pre. ~$ cd /YourVirtualEnv/bin
~/YourVirtualEnv/bin$ source activate
(YourVirtualEnv)~/YourVirtualEnv/bin$ pip install --upgrade --verbose --editable=git+git://

The example used git readonly clone url. If you use subversion do this:

pre. (YourVirtualEnv)~/YourVirtualEnv/bin$ pip install --upgrade --verbose --editable=

If you have git write access, use this:

pre. (YourVirtualEnv)~/YourVirtualEnv/bin$ pip install --upgrade --verbose

h2. fast repo update

To made a fast repository update, you can run this simple shell script:

pre. ~$ cd /path/to/django-tools
/path/to/django-tools$ ./

the update script runs "git pull origin master" or "svn update".

h2. links

* Homepage:
* Sourcecode:

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