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Translate texts from the admin interface.

Project description

# Django Transadmin - Translate your text from the admin

Categories: (translation, internationalization, i18n)

[![Build Status](](

Works on Python 3.x and Python 2.6 or more.

Compatible with the default Django template, [Jinja2]( and [Jingo](

#### Benefits

Administrate your translations directly from the admin.
Import your translations string from po files.
Compatible with [Jingo](

#### Quick tour

In a template:

{{ _("String to translate") }}

In a python file:

from transadmin.helpers import _

translated_text = _("String to translate")

##### Import translation

You can directly create a string to translate from the admin.
When it comes to generate many pages, you may prefer the automation script.

##### Manually

get to your admin (transadmin > Translation) and add:
- source: "String to translate"
- language: "fr"
- trans: "Chaine à traduire"

##### Automation script

Django allows you to generate _po_ files from templates, views and so on:
```bash makemessages -l fr

_Transadmin_ then allows you to import a _po_ file into the database:

python transadmin_import my/fr/file.po -l fr

This command reads translations from _my/file.po_ and import every string into
the database for _fr_ language.

Your untranslated strings are now ready to get translated from the admin!

> Even though the `transadmin_import` command is safe and preserves
> your existing data. You are highly encouraged to make a backup before running
> such commands.

You can now view your website in French.

## Installation

#### Download

Via pip ![latest version](

pip install django-transadmin

or the bleeding edge version

pip install -e git+

#### update INSTALLED_APPS

In _settings.py_, add _transadmin_ in your INSTALLED_APPS

# …,

Congratulations, you're all set!

#### Configuration

A few settings are available:

- `TRANSADMIN_LANGUAGES`: a tuple of tuples for available languages for the admin. Reads the settings.LANGUAGES by default.
- `TRANSADMIN_CONTEXTS`: a tuple of tuples for available context. Free text by default.
- `TRANSADMIN_FALLBACK_LANGUAGE`: a string representing the code of the language
to fallback to if a string is not translated into the current language.
No fallback by default, displays the untranslated text.

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