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A Django application that makes user creation of form fields simple.

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A Django application that makes user creation of form fields simple, handling everything from form generation to data storage and retrieval.

This was initially built for MUN Manager to allow conferences to collect whatever information they wanted to during all parts of the registration process. django-user-fields allows conferences to easily add their own extra fields to various forms using a simple admin interface creating a tailored experience.

Simple Installation and Usage Guide

  1. Install django-user-fields:

$ pip install django-user-fields
  1. Add user_fields to your installed apps:

  1. Run a database migration:

$ python migrate
  1. Create an ExtendedExtraField model:

from user_fields.models import ExtraField

class ExtendedExtraField(ExtraField):

    # You can add any custom fields you'd like here to make filtering fields easier.
    # A list of all predefined fields can be found below.
  1. Add the @initialise_extra_fields decorator to your form:

from user_fields.decorators import initialise_extra_fields

class ExampleForm(forms.ModelForm):
  1. Add the UserFieldMixin to the object(s) you would like to have extra fields:

from user_fields.mixins import UserFieldMixin

class ExampleObject(models.Model, UserFieldMixin):
  1. Add a UserDataField to the object for storage and migrate:

from user_fields.models import UserDataField, ExtraField

class ExampleObject(models.Model, UserFieldMixin):

    extra_data = UserDataField()

$ python migrate

Note: If extra_data is taken and/or you would like to name the storage field something else, you can define USER_FIELDS_ATTR_NAME in your settings.

  1. Create and pass some extra fields to your form:

extra_fields = ExtendedExtraField.objects.filter(parameter=something)

form = ExampleForm(... extra_fields=extra_fields, ...)
  1. Add an extra line to save the extra fields to your object:

object =
object.save_extra_form_data(form) # Ensures that both object and form save functions are not overwritten.

Supported Fields

  • CharField

  • CharField With Choices

  • TextField

  • BooleanField

  • EmailField

Feel free to submit a pull request if you would like to add more fields. Most fields should be relatively easy to add, although FileField will be an interesting challenge!

ExtraField Attributes

Proper Name






Equivalent to the HTML input name parameter.

example-field (slug format)



Django form field label (rendered name).

Example Field

Help Text


Django form field help text.

This is some guidance.



Django form field required parameter.

True / False

Field Type


Dropdown with all supported fields.

CharField (char)

Max. Length


CharField (only) max length.




Choices for the CharField With Choices.

Option 1,Option 2,Option 3

UserFieldMixin Functions

.retrieve_extra_data(ExtraField, formatted=True/False): Returns the data stored for a given field. If formatted is True, it will return the value for the CharField With Choices, otherwise it will return the key of the choice.

.save_extra_data(ExtraField, data): Saves the data supplied for a given field to the object.

.save_extra_form_data(Form): Saves all of the extra field data in a form to the object.

.delete_extra_data(ExtraField): Deletes all of the data associated with a given field.

To Do

  • Improve documentation.

  • Implement testing.

  • Add support for more fields.

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