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Django app for managing a timeline of events.

Project description

Django app for displaying a timeline of events.


This is a very simple Django app that stores ‘events’ against a User object, providing a timeline of user events. It’s very open, the events don’t relate to anything concrete (this isn’t a model auditing app, although there is an optional GenericForeignKey on the Event model that you _can_ use if you wish) - it’s just a list of timestamped objects that can be used to track user interactions. Each event in the timeline has a category and a message field, along with a JSON field that can be used to store unstructured additional data. An event can optionally be related to another model via a generic foreign key.

The rendering of events is up to you - there is no default.


The project is available through PyPI as django-user-timeline:

$ pip install django-user-timeline

And the main package itself is just timeline:

>>> from timeline import models, views, urls, admin


Whenever something interesting happens, add an event. That’s it.

>>> from .models import Product, add_to_basket
>>> from timeline.models import TimelineEvent
>>> def add_product(request, product_id):
...     """View function to add product to user's basket."""
...     product = get_object_or_404(Product, id=id)
...     add_to_basket(request.user, product)
...     event = TimelineEvent.objects.create_event(
...         user=request.user,
...         category='add_to_basket',
...         message='You added %s to your basket' % product,
...         content_object=product,
...         context = {
...             "product_id": product_id,
...             "price_paid": 10.00,
...             "on_sale": False
...         }
...     )
...     return HttpResponse("...")

How you use the timeline is up to you - display it on the site, use it for reporting, etc. A user’s timeline is available directly via the related_name property of timeline:

>>> from django.contrib.auth.models import User
>>> from timeline.models import TimelineEvent
>>> user = User.objects.get(id=1)
>>> assert user.timeline.all() == TimelineEvent.objects.filter(user=user)


Tests are run using tox, and are run on commit pushes through Travis-CI.


Standard GH rules apply: clone the repo to your own account, create a branch, make sure you update the tests, and submit a pull request.


This is currently a placeholder for an application that is in development (hence 0.0.0).

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