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A quick 'n' dirty Django app for switching between different users while testing

Project description

A quick ‘n’ dirty django app for switching between different users while testing.

  • “Quick and dirty”. Just include the middleware. That’s it!

  • Provides a select box with a list of users.

  • User list can be defined in settings or all users are loaded.

  • Works only when settings.DEBUG is True


Django 1.2


To install the latest version:

pip install git+git://

It can also be installed from PyPI with pip or easy_install:

pip install django-userswitch
easy_install install django-userswitch

Setup & Usage

Add userswitch middleware to the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in after the default middlewares:


Optionally you can add USERSWITCH_OPTIONS dict to the

    'css_class': '',       # CSS class to be added to the switcher widget. Default='userswitch'.
    'css_inline': '',      # Inline css for the switcher widget, if any
    'content_types': (),   # a tuple of content-type for which to render switcher widget. Default = ('text/html', 'application/xhtml+xml')
    'auth_backend': '',    # Custom auth backend if any. Default = 'django.contrib.auth.backends.ModelBackend'
    'replace_text': '',    # Text to replace with the widget, default add to end "body" tag.
    'users': (),           # List of usernames(as strings) to be shown in the switcher widget. If its empty, all users are loaded.
    'force_on': False,     # Turns on USERSWITCH even if DEBUG = False,
    'onchange_redirect_url': '/'    # The url to redirect the user to onchange of user selection.

Note: default value of css_inline option provides some basic absolute positioning. To change those either specify css_inline option manually or override position, top, right in the class specified in css_class with !important.

That’s All!

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