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Simple integration of a Django model with a FileField to encoding backends

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Simple integration with video encoding backends.

For now only the remote is supported.

Upload videos and asynchronously store the encoded videos and the generated thumbnails.


Django 2.2+ and Celery to asynchronously run the encoding tasks.


You will need to add the following to your django settings:

  • Add django_video_encoder to INSTALLED_APPS

  • Add generic relation fields to your video models

    formats = GenericRelation(Format)
    thumbnails = GenericRelation(Thumbnail)

  • Add the desired formats, for example

        "H264 (HD)": {"video_codec": "h264"},  # full resolution if not specified
        "H264": {"video_codec": "h264", "width": 720, "height": 404},
        "VP9 (HD)": {"video_codec": "vp9"},
        "VP9": {"video_codec": "vp9", "width": 720, "height": 404},

And specific settings using the zencoder backend:


  • You may also specify ZENCODER_REGION (default: europe) to the most suitable for you

DJANGO_VIDEO_ENCODER_FORMATS is a dictionary of {format_label: format_kwargs} where format_kwargs is a dictionary requiring video_codec and where all arguments are added to the encoding job POST. You can define width, height and much more see the Zencoder API.


Run tests with tox


To not be confused with the archived theonion/django-zencoder which is installed as zencoder

See also similar project escaped/django-video-encoding

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