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Reusable workflow library for django

Project description

Reusable workflow library for Django

Viewflow is the workflow library based on BPMN concepts. BPMN - business process modeling and notations - is the wide adopted industry standard for business process modeling. BPMN provides a standard notation readily understandable by all business stakeholders. Viewflow bridging the gap between picture and executable, ready to use web application.


After over than 10 years history of the BPMN standard, it contains whole set of battle-proven primitives for all occasions, helps you to describe all real life business process scenarios. Viewflow helps you to build a bpmn diagram in code and keep business logic separate from django forms and views code.


Read the documentation at the


Viewflow is an Open Source project licensed under the terms of the AGPL license - The GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

Viewflow Pro has a commercial-friendly license allowing private forks and modifications of Viewflow. You can find the commercial license terms in COMM-LICENSE. Please see FAQ for more detail.

Latest changelog

0.10.0 - 2016-03-18

  • Django 1.9 support

  • Admin can unassign view tasks

  • Function and Handler nodes can use model methods via this.method_name references

  • Added permission check on viewflow.views.task.AssignView

  • Filter added to the viewflow.view.ProcessListView

  • Fixed missing signals on Function/Signal task finished

  • flow.lock is released if view code throws an exception

  • Task.flow_process fixed in case of deep model inheritance

  • flow.Signal now can skip signals without creating activation

  • flow.Join now ignores incoming cancelled tasks tokens

  • flow.End according to BPMN standard now doesn’t cancel other active tasks

  • {% include_process_data %} template tag now outputs a string repesention of FK to models from other apps

  • All nodes now could have custom task_description

  • Task.owner_permission column extended up to 150 characters

  • PRO ONLY Obsolete nodes support, allows to delete a node from existing flows.

  • PRO ONLY flow.Subprocess and flow.NSubprocess new nodes

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