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Simple webhooks for Django

Project description

# django-webhooks

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## Install

# Yes.. with a two on the end
pip install django-webhooks2

## Setup

Add `webhooks` to `INSTALLED_APPS`:


## Settings

- `WEBHOOK_TIMEOUT` - Seconds to wait until a request times out
- `WEBHOOK_THREADS` - Maximum number of threads to be used in a worker pool
- `WEBHOOK_USER_AGENT` - The user-agent string for POST requests. Defaults to the current site name if the Django sites apps is installed.
- `WEBHOOK_VERSION` - The webhook version. If not None, this will be added to the user-agent string, e.g. 'Webhooks/1.0'. Default is 1.0.

## Trigger Execution

1. Events are triggered using `webhooks.trigger(event, [*args, [**kwargs]])`
2. If a handler is registered for the event, the arguments are passed into the handler to generate a JSON-serializable payload.
3. All URLs registered for this event are collected and each URL receives a POST request with the JSON payload


- If no URLs are registered for the event, the payload is not generated (since it would be wasted computation)
- All requests are sent in parallel using threads
- Logging is heavily use to catch any undesirable or unexpected behaviors (such as failing requests, errors or data serialization)

## Usage

import webhooks

# Define and register a handler for an event
def handler():
return { ... }'event', handler)

# Bind a URL to the event
webhooks.bind('event', '')

# Trigger the event. Any arguments after the event name
# will be passed into the handler to produce the data that
# will be POSTed to the bound URLs.

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