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A simple Django app to conduct Web-based.

Project description


django-wechat-web is a simple Django app to conduct Wechat-web-based helper. For each
question, visitors can choose between a fixed number of answers.

Detailed documentation is in the 'docs' directory.

Quick start

1. Add 'django_wechat_web' to to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this::


2. Add WECHAT to your settings file::

'appid': 'YOUR APPID',
'appsecret': 'YOUR APP Secret',

3. Run `python makemigrations django_wechat_web; python migrate` to create the django_wechat_web models.

4. In your app view where your need get wechat user openid, do like this::

from django_wechat_web import WechatView

class YourViewName(WechatView):
Extends WechatView and over get method
Here WechatView extends django.views.generic.View
scope = 'snsapi_base' # default


def get(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
# your code ....


5. Now you can do anything the same as `django.views.generic.View`.

6. More:

# django-wechat-web

### 2016-04-29
* Fix Bug
* error function args
* update WechatView
* scope设置为snsapi_userinfo 时,说明希望保留用户详细信息
* 但是, 又不希望用户多次snsapi_userinfo方式授权, 所以过程是这样的

-> 1.默认snsapi_base方式跳转
-> 2.拿到code, 获取openid, 将openid存到session
-> 3.如果openid存在并且openid对应的WechatUserInfo模型数据不存在并且scope为snsapi_userinfo, 则将再次跳转到snsapi_userinfo方式; 如果openid不存在, 或者openid存在,但WechatUserInfo数据存在, 或者 openid存在,但是scope不是snsapi_userinfo, 则跳转第五步
-> 4.跳回步骤2
-> 5. 授权结束, 接下来执行你的动作

### 2016-04-27
* update WechatView
* add class boolean attr: swicth
* `swicth=True` (default): open wechat redirect/authentication
* `swicth=False` : The same as django.views.generic.View

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