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A point-in-time mirror of Washington DC Metro's realtime train schedule

Project description

# WMATA Realtime Snapshot

### Overview

Provide a point-in-time mirror of Washington DC Metro's realtime train schedule

### Installation

1. **Install the package**

pip install django-wmata-realtime-snapshot

1. **Add the app to your django project's settings**


1. **Get a WMATA API key**

If you don't already have a WMATA API account, sign up here:

Alternatively, you may have success using the demo key provided here:

Once you have a key, (e.g. `1234IAMAKEY`), you can use it to download a dump of the realtime data.

1. **Download a JSON and/or XML dump from WMATA**

These instructions are for a UNIX based system.

JSON Dump:
curl > realtime_dump.json

XML Dump:
curl > realtime_dump.xml

To download both at the same time:

curl > realtime_dump.json & curl > realtime_dump.xml

1. **Add your dumps to the Django settings file**

In your Django settings, define the following variables for the dumps you want to serve.


Any endpoint type (json or xml) that does not have a dump file to read will return a json/xml error message when querying the snapshot API:

{"Error": "No JSON resource has been defined. Please read the installation instructions."}

<Error>No XML resource has been defined. Please read the installation instructions.</Error>

1. **Add a url endpoint**

url(r'^mirror/', include('wmata_realtime_snapshot.urls', namespace='wmata_realtime_snapshot')),

1. **Visit the API**

The API path is the same as the real WMATA API for easy plug-n-play:


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django-wmata-realtime-snapshot-0.2.tar.gz (3.3 kB view hashes)

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