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Stream model updates to nosql backends

Project description

# Django NoSQL

> Stream model changes to an upstream NoSQL database

**Supported backends:**

* FireStore
* Mock

## Installation

pip install django-nosql

## Setup

### Add to installed apps:


### Configure NoSQL backends:


# you can have multiple backends:
NOSQL_BACKENDS = ['firestore']

# FireStore settings
FIRESTORE_CREDENTIALS_FILE = '/path/to/credentials.json'

### Mark up your models:

In ``


# the nosql collection you'd like to use
collection = 'todos'
# A Django Rest Framework serializer for serializing your instance
serializer_path = 'example_app.models.TodoSerializer'
# inform django_nosql that you'd like to sync this model
readonly_sync = True

Add signals:

from django_nosql.signals import (

### Test it out:

There is an example app included in this repo.

To see the sync in action try.

`python shell` or `docker-compose run --rm web python shell`


from example_app.models import Todo
todo = Todo.objects.create(text='Setup django nosql')
# you should see this reflected in the 'todos' collection in Firebase
# note: you need to manually refresh the db view when adding a new collection
# you should see the rest of these updates in realtime

# try update:
todo.done = True
# you should see your change reflected in firestore

# delete it:
# it's gone from Firestore!

### Take it async

If you're using something like celery or django-rq, you can make your signals async by wrapping the base function in a `@shared_task`. e.g.:

from django.db.models.signals import post_save, post_delete
from django.dispatch import receiver
from django.conf import settings
from django_nosql.signals import (sync_readonly_db, SYNC_TYPE)
from celery import shared_task

# create a shared task that wraps `sync_readonly_db`
def firebase_sync(instance, created):
sync_readonly_db(instance, SYNC_TYPE.UPDATE, created)

def firebase_sync_remove(instance):
sync_readonly_db(instance, SYNC_TYPE.DELETE, False)

# call that function in a delayed manner
@receiver(post_save, dispatch_uid="django_nosql.sync")
def sync_readonly_db(sender, instance, created, **kwargs):
firebase_sync.delay(instance, created)

@receiver(post_delete, dispatch_uid="django_nosql.sync.delete")
def sync_remove_readonly_db(sender, instance, **kwargs):

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