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The easiest and most flexible Django CMS Form builder w/ ReCaptcha v2 support!

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This project requires django-cms v3.0 or higher to be properly installed and configured.

This package is compatible with Aldryn.


  1. Install djangocms-forms:

    pip install djangocms-forms
  2. Add djangocms_forms to INSTALLED_APPS:

  3. Sync database tables (requires south>=1.0.1 if you are using Django 1.6.x):

    python migrate
  4. Add djangocms_forms.urls to your project’s urls module or create a django CMS page to hook the application into. In Advanced Settings, set its Application to Forms (this requires a server restart):

    urlpatterns = patterns(
        url(r'^', include('djangocms_forms.urls')),
  5. To use reCAPTCHA for spam protection, you need to sign up for an API key pair for your site:

    DJANGOCMS_FORMS_RECAPTCHA_PUBLIC_KEY = '<recaptcha_site_key>'
    DJANGOCMS_FORMS_RECAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY = '<recaptcha_secret_key>'

You can register a new site via


Plugin(s) Module - If module is None, plugin is grouped Generic group:


Name of the plugin:


The path to the default template used to render the template:

DJANGOCMS_FORMS_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE = 'djangocms_forms/form_template/default.html'

or override the Form Template dropdown choices to have different template options:

    ('djangocms_forms/form_template/default.html', _('Default')),

HTML5 required - When set to True all required fields inputs will be rendered with HTML5 required=required attribute:


By default, djangocms-forms adds additional css classes to all form inputs. e.g. a Text field generates an <input class="textinput"> You can override this to integrate your own CSS framework:

DJANGOCMS_FORMS_WIDGET_CSS_CLASSES = {'__all__': ('form-control', ) }

e.g. the above setting would generate <input class"form-control" .... for all fields.

By default, djangocms-forms will redirect a successful form submission after 1000 milliseconds (1 second). You may provide your own redirect delay value for all forms site-wide via settings:


or on a per-form basis via the redirect_delay field. The order of precedence for the redirect value is always:

instance.redirect_delay > DJANGOCMS_FORMS_REDIRECT_DELAY > 1000 (default)


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