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Returns classic DjangoCMS-style live-draft switch to DjangoCMS

Project description

DjangoCMS Live-Draft Switch

Returns classic DjangoCMS-style live-draft switch to DjangoCMS.

Wait, what?

With 3.1 release, DjangoCMS crew decided to replace the fabulous live-draft toggle / switch with plain dumb boring buttons.

The change in 3.1.

I DON’T THINK SO!!!11number_one

This is a quick’n’dirty response to that change. It’s a JavaScript (jQuery, what else?!) hack that replaces those new buttons with something resembling the old toggle.

Toggle that this app provides.

Oh common, that’s not really a problem!

Well, it’s not, really. But IMHO it’s a step in the wrong direction, be it a tiny one. And anyways, I find it simpler to quickly whip up this app together then to explain to my clients that nothing has really changed.

But it’s different then it was

It’s improooooved :)

The differences are cosmetic. And I like to think this one is a bit better, because:

  • User can see what mode they are in, as well as what mode they will be switching to. This is not a big deal, but it just might help a new user with their first edit ever.

  • Orange Draft indicator is more visible then the classic gray dot.

Ok, how do I install this thing?

pip install djangocms-livedraftswitch

Add before cms app:

    'djangocms-livedraftswitch',  # before cms app

If you don’t like Pypi, you can dump djangocms-livedraftswitch directory somewhere in PYTHONPATH.


Not tested much really…

Works with DjangoCMS 3.1.2 and Django 1.7.9.


  • Google Chrome 64

  • Firefox 38

  • Safari 8.0.7 - animation is a bit jerky

  • IE 10+

  • IE 9 - no animation

Is that a demo project there?

If you clone this repo, you’ll get a full demo project. Not much of one, though, just a default DjangoCMS setup with this app installed. But this repo includes a SQLite database, so you can test it right away. Login with admin and admin.




Swapped “draft” and “live” positions to make it similar to original toggle, and also because it’s more natural this way.


Sorting out PyPi wierdness


First release

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