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A simple store locator django CMS plugin that uses Google Maps.

Project description

A simple store locator plugin for django CMS that uses Google Maps. The code is heavily inspired by a similar plugin by Mark Ransom,


  • django CMS Plugin displays a google map with locations

  • search for locations in range of an address

  • locations can be grouped and searched by location types

  • setting for kilometers or miles


  • pip install djangocms-store-locator (requires django-filer and django-sekizai)

  • add 'djangocms_store_locator' to your INSTALLED_APPS

  • python syncdb or python migrate djangocms_store_locator if you are using South

  • add something like this to your

url(r'^store-locator/', include('djangocms_store_locator.urls')),
  • done!


  • add some locations in the admin

  • insert the “Store Locator Plugin” on a page

Optional settings

  • see

Project details

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djangocms-store-locator-0.1.3.tar.gz (11.8 kB view hashes)

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