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Project description


This buildout recipe can be used setup a Django project and to deploy it using hosting services.

Supported options

The recipe supports the following options.


This option sets the name for your project. The recipe will create a basic structure if the project is not already there.


The version argument can accept a few different types of arguments. You can specify trunk. In this case it will do a checkout of the Django trunk. Another option is to specify a release number like 0.96.2. This will download the release tarball. Finally you can specify a full svn url (including the revision number). An example of this would be


Path the working copy of the Django project (trunk, tags and branches included). /usr/share/django by default. When using a checkout of django (instead of release tarball), the recipe will first try to it copy from working copy.


You can set the name of the settings file which is to be used with this option. This is useful if you want to have a different production setup from your development setup. It defaults to development.


Value of MEDIA_URL Django settings. Defaults to /media/


Value of MEDIA_ROOT Django settings. Defaults to a media in the project directory.


Value of ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX Django settings. Defaults to /admin_media/


Used to create an alias in a lighttpd configuration file. Defaults to the media folder in the admin’s Django folder.


Path (absolute or relative) to the init, lighttpd, private and public_html directories. Defaults init, lighttpd, private and public_html.


Path to lighttpd executable. Defaults to /usr/local/sbin/lighttpd


Host of production server. Required.


Port of production server. Required.


Host of development server. Defaults to localhost.


Port of development server. defaults to 8000.


Set this to a folder somewhere on you system to speed up installation. The recipe will use this folder as a cache for a downloaded version of Django.


All paths specified here will be used to extend the default Python path for the bin/* scripts.


If you want a script in the bin folder to run all the tests for a specific set of apps this is the option you would use. Set this to the list of app labels which you want to be tested.


This is the name of the testrunner which will be created. It defaults to test.

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djangohosting-recipe-0.1.0a4.tar.gz (9.1 kB view hashes)

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