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A fork of “django-app-plugins” which caches the results of the lookups, saving several db queries per page.


Django 1.2 or higher, tested up to Django 1.3.1

An exaple of usage is in the blog post A shortened part of this is copied here:

In our base template, we just have to put this tag:

{% plugin_point "shop_sidebar" %}

And in our shop/ file, we set up the plugin point like so:

def shop_sidebar(point, context, user, *args, **kwargs):
    '''A section on the sidebar of the base screen'''
    return { }

register.plugin_point(takes_context=True, takes_user=True)(shop_sidebar)

Lastly, we add a new template at templates/wishlist/plugins/shop_sidebar.html

{% load i18n %}
{% if user.is_authenticated %}
<p class="wishlist">
<a href="{% url satchmo_wishlist_view %}">
{% trans 'Wishlist' %}
{% endif %}

A complete functional example and test app from is unzipped to the directory app_plugins/test_app and little upgraded for compatibility with Django 1.3.

One application, which registeres a plugin point by app_plugins. (app “site”) One (or more) application which provide output to this plugin point without knowledge about app_plugins. (app “someapp”)

cd app_plugins/test_app
python syncdb
python runserver

Browse to http://localhost:8000/ All templates with names name_of_app/plugins/name_of_pluginpoint.html are combined together to the same plugin point . Applications can be added or removed without changing anything except INSTALLED_APPS.


The original project have been forked at changeset r19 on Jan 25, 2009 ( ) Changes of the original project made after this date are mostly not reflected yet.

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