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Samples a percentage of SQL queries and groups them together for easy viewing

Project description

Author: Colin Howe (@colinhowe)

License: Apache 2.0


Django Sampler allows you to sample a percentage of your queries (SQL, Mongo, etc) and view the ones that are taking up the most time. The queries are grouped together by where they originated from in your code.



pip install git+git://

or download and run

python install
  • Add djangosampler to your INSTALLED_APPS

  • Add the tables ( syncdb or migrate if you use South)

  • Add the views:

    urlpatterns += patterns('',
        (r'^sampler/', include('djangosampler.urls')),
  • Set DJANGO_SAMPLER_FREQ to a value between 0 and 1

  • Set DJANGO_SAMPLER_PLUGINS to a list of plugins. For just sampling SQL a sensible default is:

        # Plugins are applied in the same order as this list

    There are several plugins available and it is worthwhile reading through them to get the most use out of this tool.

  • If you are using cost based sampling then set DJANGO_SAMPLER_BASE_TIME to the expected duration of a normal query in seconds. By default this is set to 5ms.

Viewing Results

After letting the sampler run for a while you will be able to view queries (grouped by their origin) at the URL you configured.



Django Sampler has a plugin architecture to allow you to control how much data you want to be collected.

In your add the following:

    # Plugins are applied in the same order as this list

The example above will add the SQL plugin.

Available plugins and their settings are described in the Plugins section below.


DJANGO_SAMPLER_FREQ configures the percentage of queries that will be recorded. It should be between 0.0 and 1.0.

If this is not set then no plugins will be installed and your code will run as normal.


DJANGO_SAMPLER_USE_COST will enable cost-based sampling. This causes queries that run for a long time to be sampled more often than short queries.

The chance that a query is sampled is multiplied by the total time the query takes. If a query takes 2 seconds then it will be twice as likely to be sampled as a query that takes 1 second.

The cost for a query is adjusted to account for this as follows:



A list of available plugins follows. You can write your own plugin and this is described in the section ‘Writing Your Own Plugins’.

Django SQL

Plugin class: djangosampler.plugins.sql.Sql

The SQL sampler plugin will sample a percentage of SQL queries that occur in your application. The samples will be grouped by query and stack traces will be recorded to find where the queries are originating.

Django Requests

Plugin class: djangosampler.plugins.request.Request

The request plugin installs a Middleware that will sample the time taken by requests.

Sample any code

This is not strictly a plugin. This is a context manager that will allow you to mark blocks of code and sample how long the blocks take to run. E.g.:

from djangosampler.sampler import sampling

with sampling('my_code', 'some_fn'):


Plugin class: djangosampler.plugins.celery_task.Celery

The Celery plugin uses Celery’s signals to sample the time taken to execute tasks.


Plugin class: djangosampler.plugins.mongo.Mongo

The MongoDB plugin will sample a percentage of Mongo commands (queries, inserts, etc) that occur in your application. The samples will be grouped by command and stack traces will be recorded to find where the queries are originating.

Writing Your Own Plugins

TODO. For now, look in the plugins folder and copy :)


Feedback is always welcome! Github or twitter (@colinhowe) are the best places to reach me.

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