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simple django app for sharing files over http / https.

Project description

django smart share

a simple django app for sharing files over http / https.

attention :

on test, not bug free. i just started this project for fun, so will be glad if you use and report issues on this project.


  • python >= 3.5
  • django >= 2


install using pip:

pip install djangosmartshare

adding smartshare to INSTALLED_APPS in


including smartshare.urls in your project

from django.urls import path, include

urlpatterns = [
    path('', include('smartshare.urls')),

running migrate for making related database tables:

python3 migrate


you can simply share any directory on your local system over http / https, in short : just like a file browser.

in Location model, by adding a new location, system will check if the path exist, so you can have following permissions separated for 3 different user types per each Location object. Admins , Users ( mean normal users ) and Anonymouse Visitors ( public ) :

attention :

  1. if you share a directory, inside another shared directory, neither Base Directory nor Sub Directory will not change each other permissions. the deepest available Sub Directory Location object permissions will be used for each directory.
  2. the root path / is not available.
  3. only directories path are allowed to be shared, not files.
  4. commands will run as logged-in user on local system, so even if a permission like Can Delete be True, on a directory that need superuser sudo permission, the command will not effect, for security reasons.
permission description
Active wheather to show this directory for the allowed user or not.
Show Files user can view Files in directory. ( only view, nothing more )
Show Directories user can view Directories in directory.
Show Hidden Files same as Files, fore Hidden Files.
Show Hidden Directories same as Directories, for Hidden Directories
Can Download if this permission be True, user can download shared directory and it's subdirectories in compressed files as zip, tar, tar.gz and tar.bz2. an also user allowed to download any Files in directory and it's subdirectories.
Can Upload if this permission be True, user can upload Files in directory and it's subdirectories.
Can Delete if this permission be True, a Delete button will be showed for each subdirectories and files in directory, so user can delete them.
Can Create if this permission be True, an Add button will be showed for Directories and Files, so user can add new directory, or a file with it's content.

this app have a simple responsive front-end design, created using Bootstrap 4 framework. by default, needed static files are in static/css and static/js directories outside of app directory for avoiding duplication. if you are planning to uses this app make sure to include these files or replacing share/templates/base.html styles and scripts with Bootstrap 4 SDN.

this users are added for testing :

username password is superuser
admin adminadmin yes
user useruser no


this Features are planned to be added in next version :

  • adding Run Command ability.
  • adding Copy and Move.
  • adding multi upload.
  • adding multi selecting files and directories ability for Download or Delete.
  • adding Preview and Edit abilities.
  • adding permissions for duplicated files and directories while adding or uploading.
  • changing dirs.html template for adding Upload, Delete, Add forms.
  • rewriting views definitions.
  • rewriting responsive template for a better UX / UI.

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