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Leverage uWSGI spooler and cron in Django

Project description


Upgrade from v0.3 to v0.4

As of v0.4, djcall uses a PostgreSQL JSON field instead of a Picklefield for Caller.kwargs, which means that unless you have only JSON serializable contents in your djcall_caller.kwargs columns: the migration will fail, so will it if you don’t run PostgreSQL. Sorry, but it became too much of an annoyance not to be able to query of Call kwargs. Anyway, a migration should take care of this for you. It leaves the old Picklefield renamed from kwargs to old_kwargs until next release where it will be dropped.


pip install djcall

Add djcall to INSTALLED_APPS and migrate.


from djcall.models import Caller

    # path to python callback
    # JSON serializable kwargs
).spool('blockchain')  # optionnal spooler name

No decorator, no nothing,

If you have CRUDLFA+ or django.contrib.admin, you should see the jobs there, and be able to cancel them.

Example project

Setup example project:

djcall-example collectstatic
djcall-example migrate
djcall-example createsuperuser

Run with runserver:

djcall-example runserver

Or with uWSGI:

uwsgi --env DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=djcall_example.settings --env DEBUG=1 --spooler=/spooler/blockchain --spooler=/spooler/mail --spooler-processes 1 --http=:8000 --plugin=python --module=djcall_example.wsgi:application --honour-stdin --static-map /static=static


First made a dead simple pure python generic spooler for uwsgi:

The made a first implementation including CRUDLFA+ support:

This version adds:

  • Cron model and support for uWSGI cron, can’t add/remove them without restart, but can change kwargs and options online

  • CRUDLA+ support is on hold waiting for what’s currently in because i don’t want to build crud support here with templates because of the debt this will add, it’s time to use components in CRUDLFA+ to make the CRUD for Cron/Background tasks awesome

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