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The 4TU.ResearchData repository system

Project description


This Python package provides the repository system for 4TU.ResearchData.


To create a development environment, use the following snippet:

python -m venv djehuty-env
. djehuty-env/bin/activate
cd /path/to/the/repository/checkout/root
pip install -r requirements.txt

Interactive development

To get an interactive development environment, use:

sed -e 's/@VERSION@/0.0.1/g' > pyproject.toml
pip install --editable .
cp etc/djehuty/djehuty-example-config.xml djehuty.xml
djehuty web --config-file djehuty.xml

Keeping your development environment up-to-date

To update packages in the virtual environment, use the following command inside an activated virtual environment:

pip freeze | grep -v "djehuty.git" | cut -d= -f1 | xargs -n1 pip install -U



Create a portable executable with:

pip install pyinstaller
pyinstaller --onefile \
            --hidden-import=_cffi_backend \
            --add-data "src/djehuty/web/resources:djehuty/web/resources" \
            --name djehuty \

On Windows, use:

pip install pyinstaller
pyinstaller --onefile \
            --hidden-import=_cffi_backend \
            --add-data="src/djehuty/web/resources;djehuty/web/resources" \
            --icon="src/djehuty/web/resources/static/images/favicon.ico" \
            --name=djehuty \

Tricks when building using WINE

While no support can be provided for this, the following notes may help. Alledgedly, using Python 3.8.6 works well. Activating the virtual environment works best from a cmd.exe, which can be started using:

wine cmd

Build an AppImage with Nuitka

pip install nuitka
nuitka3 --standalone \
        --include-module=rdflib.plugins \
        --include-module=_cffi_backend \
        --include-package-data=djehuty \
        --onefile \
        --linux-onefile-icon="src/djehuty/web/resources/static/images/favicon.png" \ \
        -o djehuty.appimage

Build RPMs

Building RPMs can be done via the Autotools scripts:

autoreconf -vif
make dist-rpm

The RPMs will be available under rpmbuild/RPMS/noarch.


Using the built-in web server

djehuty web --config-file=config.xml

An example of a configuration file can be found in etc/djehuty/djehuty-example-config.xml.

Use the maximum-workers configuration option to use forking rather than threading.

Using uwsgi:

On EL7, install uwsgi and uwsgi-plugin-python36.

uwsgi --plugins-dir /usr/lib64/uwsgi --need-plugin python36,http --http :8080 --wsgi-file src/djehuty/web/ -H <path-to-your-virtualenv-root> --env DJEHUTY_CONFIG_FILE=config.xml --master --processes 4 --threads 2

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djehuty-24.5.tar.gz (3.7 MB view hashes)

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