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WebComponents for Django

Project description

djwc: Django WebComponents


WebComponents is a W3C standard supported by all browsers for a couple of years now, see their Getting Started introduction for details.

Getting started

How to install djwc

  • pip install djwc,
  • add djwc to INSTALLED_APPS (for the management command)
  • add the 'djwc.middleware.ScriptMiddleware' MIDDLEWARE (to inject scripts).

For a quick test: just clone this repo and run pip install -e . then ./ djwc && ./ runserver will start the example.

How to use webcomponents

  • Declare the components that you want to use
  • Run ./ djwc to install them (does not use NodeJS)
  • Use the HTML tags for your components

That's it !! The middleware will do the rest.

Read on for details about each step.

Declaring components

You can declare components per-app, per-project, and also include bundles.


You can add a paper-input component to DJWC in the settings by referencing its npm path:

DJWC = {
        'paper-input': '@polymer/paper-input/paper-input.js',

This will have predecence over any other setting.


Or, define an AppConfig.components attribute to add components to your reusable app.

class AppConfig(apps.AppConfig):
    components = {
        'paper-input': '@polymer/paper-input/paper-input.js',

This will be automatically detected.


You can also include a bunch of webcomponents with the DJWC['LIBRARIES'] setting:

DJWC = {
    'LIBRARIES': ['djwc_polymer'],

More to come, these are manually maintained at this time.

Installing components with ./ djwc

Then, run the ./ djwc command that will download all the scripts into a static directory. Do this prior to collectstatic in production, and every-time you change your components declaration.

Using components

Just use your new tag wherever you want, such as in templates:

<paper-input always-float-label label="Floating label"></paper-input>

The middleware will inject the corresponding script whenever the middleware will find a paper-input tag.


I've read that WebComponents are not accessible

Apparently, accessibility is fine with aria attributes.

What next ?

  • Do add unit tests when a contributor breaks it
  • Optimize the djwc command
  • Automate djwc_polymer
  • Add moar bundles ! Like bootstrap-webcomponents ! yay !

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