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Cloud resource management for deep learning applications.

Project description

Cloud Utilities for Deep Learning ⛅️

A super lightweight cloud management tool designed with deep learning applications in mind.

Built with the belief that managing cloud resources should be as easy as:

import cloud


We welcome all contributions, suggestions, and use-cases. Reach out to us over GitHub or at with ideas!




Sort of stable:

sudo pip install dl-cloud

Bleeding edge:

git clone
sudo pip install -e cloud


See configs/cloud.toml-* for instructions on how to authenticate for each provider (Google Cloud, AWS EC2, and Azure).

Place your completed configuration file (named cloud.toml) in either root / or $HOME. Otherwise, provide a full path to the file in $CLOUD_CFG.

If you use GCP as a provider for your cloud.toml it will use GCP Instance metadata APIs to fetch APIs. If you want to configure for Google Cloud Build, please use;

is_gcb = true
zone = '{{DESIRED_ZONE}}' 



import cloud

# gpu instances have a dedicated GPU so we don't need to worry
# about preemption or acquiring/releasing accelerators online.

while True:
  # train your model or w/e

cloud.down()  # stop the instance (does not delete instance)

TPU (Only on GCP)

import cloud

tpu = cloud.instance.tpu.get(preemptible=True)  # acquire an accelerator
while True:
  if not tpu.usable:
    tpu.delete(background=True)  # release the accelerator in the background
    tpu = cloud.instance.tpu.get(preemptible=True)  # acquire a new accelerator
    # train your model or w/e

cloud.down()  # release all resources, then stop the instance (does not delete instance)



Takes/Creates a cloud.Instance object and sets cloud.instance to it.

returns desc.
cloud_env a cloud.Instance.


Calls cloud.instance.down().


Calls cloud.instance.delete(confirm).


Takes/Creates a cloud.Instance object and sets cloud.instance to it.

properties desc.
name str, name of the instance
usable bool, whether this resource is usable
methods desc.
up(background=False) start an existing stopped resource
down(background=False) stop the resource. Note: this should not necessarily delete this resource
delete(background=False) delete this resource


An object representing a cloud instance with a set of Resources that can be allocated/deallocated.

properties desc.
resource_managers list of ResourceManagers
methods desc.
down(background=False, delete_resources=True) stop this instance and optionally delete all managed resources
delete(background=False, confirm=True) delete this instance with optional user confirmation


Class for managing the creation and maintanence of cloud.Resources.

properties desc.
instance cloud.Instance instance owning this resource manager
resource_cls cloud.Resource type, the class of the resource to be managed
resources list of cloud.Resources, managed resources
methods desc.
__init__(instance, resource_cls) instance: the cloud.Instance object operating this ResourceManager
resource_cls : the cloud.Resource class this object manages
add(*args, **kwargs) add an existing resource to this manager
remove(*args, **kwargs) remove an existing resource from this manager

Amazon EC2


A cloud.Instance object for AWS EC2 instances.



A cloud.Instance object for Microsoft Azure instances.

Google Cloud

Our GCPInstance requires that your instances have gcloud installed and properly authenticated so that gcloud alpha compute tpus create test_name runs without issue.


A cloud.Instance object for Google Cloud instances.

properties desc.
tpu cloud.TPUManager, a resource manager for this instance's TPUs
resource_managers list of owned cloud.ResourceManagers
methods desc.
__init__(collect_existing_tpus=True, **kwargs) collect_existing_tpus : bool, whether to add existing TPUs to this manager
**kwargs : passed to cloud.Instance's initializer


Resource class for TPU accelerators.

properties desc.
ip str, IP address of the TPU
preemptible bool, whether this TPU is preemptible or not
details dict {str: str}, properties of this TPU
methods desc.
up(background=False) start this TPU
down(background=False) stop this TPU
delete(background=False) delete this TPU


ResourceManager class for TPU accelerators.

properties desc.
names list of str, names of the managed TPUs
ips list of str, ips of the managed TPUs
methods desc.
__init__(instance, collect_existing=True) instance: the cloud.GCPInstance object operating this TPUManager
collect_existing: bool, whether to add existing TPUs to this manager
clean(background=True) delete all managed TPUs with unhealthy states
get(preemptible=True) get an available TPU, or create one using up() if none exist
up(preemptible=True, background=False) allocate and manage a new instance of resource_cls

Project details

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