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A feature-rich terminal discord client

Project description



Warning: Currently Linux/BSD/Mac only, it may be a while before support for Windows comes back

Note: You can find a feature list, current bugs, and things I'm currently working on on my webpage.

How to install

Option A: pip (through PyPi)

  1. Run
    pip3 install --user --process-dependency-link dline

Option B: pip (local repository)

  1. Clone repo
    git clone
  2. Run
    pip3 install --user --process-dependency-link .

Option C: Running from the repo folder

  1. Clone the repo
    git clone
  2. Install the dependencies:
    pip3 install --user -r requirements.txt

How to use

  1. Find your discord "token"
    • Go to
    • Open your browser's developer console. (Normally F12 or CTRL-SHIFT-I)
    • Go into "network" and hit F5. Type "v6" in the filter field
    • Filter by XHR and look through entries until you find "authorization" under "request headers". This is your token. If all else fails, join the dev discord and we'll be glad to help!
  2. Run dline --store-token to store your token
  3. Run dline --copy-skeleton to get a template config
  4. Edit ~/.config/dline/config.yaml to your choosing.
  5. Launch with dline (if you installed with pip) or ./ (Running in repo folder)

Current Features

  • /channel to switch channel
  • /guild to switch guild
  • /nick to change nickname (per guild)
  • typing without a leading prefix will submit to current chat
  • " is typing..." support
  • private messaging
  • colored output, with user definable colors and custom roles
  • Channel logs update when users edit messages
  • /channels, /guilds, /users to view information
  • /game to update the "Now playing: " status
  • use /help to see more commands
  • unicode emoji displayal support
  • sending emojis in messages (unicode and custom)
  • File uploading via path (ex: /file /path/to/file)
  • italic, bold, and underline font support
  • inline `code` and ```code``` block support
  • URL detection, highlighting in blue + italics
  • automatic updating, fetching the latest master branch's commit
  • channel logs blink red upon unread messages
  • line scrolling
  • discord "Nitro" emojis
  • Externalized configs via YAML ~/.config/dline/config.yaml
  • @member expansion/mentions
  • /status to change online presence

See my webpage for more information on features.

Color Customization

Almost all aspects of the client can be colored to the user's wishes. You can set these colors from within ~/.config/dline/config.yaml

Note: These assume that you're using the standard terminal colors. If you have colors already defined in your ~/.Xresources or similar, this will be very confusing.


dline uses git for automatic updates, so you must be within the dline directory upon starting. Manually you can launch via python3.7 ./, however it is advised to create a helper script to do this for you.

A Note On Emojis

Currently most of the standard unicode emojis are displaying. Note your terminal must be able to render these symbols and you must be using a font set that contains them. Because some of the emojis that discord uses are non-standard, they may not display properly. Here is an example of a random few.


Custom emojis however, are displayed as :emoji_name:

Note On Font Support

Like emojis, not all terminals and fonts support italic/bold/underline and 'background' colors, (which are used for `code`). If these features aren't working for you, odds are you are not using a supported terminal/font. Experiment with different setups to see what works.

Letting me know what setups don't work helps a lot!

Dude this is awesome! How can I support the project?

Star it! 🌟

It helps to get it higher in GitHub's search results as well as making me feel good inside. ;)

If you'd like to contribute, pull requests are always welcome!

If you would like to get more info on what could be done or to discuss the project in general, come join the Discord guild at: You can also try joining Discline's guild (which this project is a fork of) here:


Yet another discord cli?

I didn't like any of the implementations I found around github. Too buggy. Too bloated. Bad UI. No customization. Some, after discord updates, no longer functioning at all.

Why use a token and not email/password?

Discord's API does allow for email/pass login, but if you were to have 2FA, (2 factor authentication), enabled on your account, Discord would interpret this as a malicious attack against your account and disable it.

So, because "Nobody reads the readme", I have disabled this.

How should I submit a GitHub issue?

Try to include this format:

OS: Linux/Debian
Terminal: urxvt
Font: source code pro
Python Version: 3.6
How to reproduce: xxxxxx

It says my python is out of date even though I have 3.5+ installed?

Probably because you have multiple versions installed. Try running with python3.5 or python3.6 rather than just "python3"

I'm getting weird encoding errors on startup

You probably don't have UTF-8 set. If you're using Linux, look up how to do this according to your distro.

If you're on BSD, add this to your /etc/profile:

export LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8
export LESSCHARSET=utf-8

and make sure it gets sourced upon opening your terminal.

Misc Screenshots


It can even be configured to hide most elements of the UI in the config:


Known Bugs

My bug isn't listed here, how can I voice my problem?

If you have a specific issue that isn't listed here or in the wiki, post a github issue with a detailed explanation and I can try to get it fixed. Join the discord if you want live help.

See my webpage for more information on bugs.

Token Warning

Do NOT share your token with anybody, if someone else gets ahold of your token, they may control your account. If you are someone who keeps their ~/.config on github, add your token to your .gitignore. Otherwise it will become public.


Licensed under GNU-GPLv3

Legal Disclaimer

Discord hasn't put out any official statement on whether using their API for 3rd party clients is allowed or not. They have said that using their API to make "self-bots" is against their ToS. By self-bots, it is my understanding they mean automating non-bot accounts as bots. My code has no automated functions, or any on_events that provide features not included in the official client.

As far as I know, nobody has been banned for using things like this before, but Discord might one day change their mind. With this said, I take no responsibility if this gets you banned.

Project details

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Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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