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Code generation to facilitate Zope[2] application development.

Project description

This package contains code generators to facilitate the development of Zope[2] applications.



This module contains factories for the generation of add form and add action for OFS.PropertyManager.PropertyManager based classes. The generated functions are usually used as constructors in registerClass calls during product initialization. The subpackage test contains an example (also used for testing this product).

The class’ _properties attribute and the associated default values are used for add form generation.

The module tries hard to avoid encoding problems. Its functions need to handle up to 3 encodings: the encoding used for the code, the encoding used for non unicode properties and unicode properties. The browser can only handle a single encoding per page. Therefore, the module must use a single encoding and all other encodings must be mapped. The module uses utf-8 as this unified encoding. The module does nothing special with strings from code. The page template will convert it to unicode in its standard way. Use unicode strings, if this gives not the expected result. Unicode based properties are passed on unchanged to the template. str based properties are mapped to unicode with a charset that is either explicitely specified, looked up in the current acquisition context under the name management_page_charset and falls back to ZPublisher.default_encoding. The form action converts values for those properties back to str using the same charset.


This factory generates an add form for an OFS.PropertyManager.PropertyManager subclass. It has the following parameters.





the class to generate the form for



the forms action



the documentation shown in the form


see above


package provided

the template to generate the form

The template it brought into the acquisition context of the generated functions argument and then called with the keyword parameters charset, meta_type, description, action, properties and class_. The call should return the HTML form representation. The package provided template works well together with the add action created by the add action factory.

When you plan to customize the template, please take a look at the package provided template and the docstring in the source as this page does not describe all details.

Due to a bug/weakness, Zope’s property management page handles unicode properties only correctly when it can use the utf-8 charset. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use utf-8 consistently. Otherwise, it is possible that property values set with functions of this module cannot be reliably edited later. Note in addition, that Zope’s property management spells the utf-8 charset (stupidly) as UTF-8 (note the upper case). Therefore, use UFT-8 rather than utf-8 when you specify the utf-8 charset for your management_page_charset.


This factory generates an add action for an OFS.PropertyManager.PropertyManager subclass. The generated action creates an instance of this class, sets its properties, adds it as content object of its first parameter (assumed to be an OFS.ObjectManager.ObjectManager) and optionally calls a hook. Then, it either returns the created instance or redirects to its management interface.

The factory has the parameters class_ and the optional hook.

The generated action has the parameters id and the optional props and REQUEST.

props specifies property values for the created instance. If not specified and REQUEST is passed, it defaults to REQUEST.form. If specified, it must be a mapping. If the property value mapping lacks values for some properties, these retain their default values; values for undefined properties are silently ignored.



Python3/Zope4 compatibility


for Zope2

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