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Your hotkeys for various apps in 'dmenu' style.

Project description


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Your hotkeys for various apps in ‘dmenu’ style.


This app allows you to prepare cheat sheet of hotkeys from your apps in simple menu with search.



### Menus * [dmenu]( * [rofi](

### Apps * [i3]( * [openbox](


This app needs below apps as a GUI, so install one of these first. * dmenu * rofi


### From pip This app works on Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, so the best choice is installation using pip

` pip install --user dmenu-hotkeys `

then you could run it by typing in console

` dmenu_hotkeys `

### From git repo Clone repository ` git clone . `

and run script in bin dir like this ` ./dmenu-hotkeys/bin/dmenu_hotkeys `

How to use

### Run menu with hotkeys 1. Add the following comment line before hotkey line which you want to use in your app config file.


  • i3: # %%hotkey: Some description of the following hotkey %%

  • openbox: <– %%hotkey: Some description of the following hotkey %% –>

Notice: For full configuration file examples check [test/fixtures](./tests/fixtures) directory

  1. Run the dmenu-hotkeys

    ` dmenu_hotkeys run --menu [dmenu|rofi] --app [i3|openbox] `

  2. Check help if you want to know more

    ` dmenu_hotkeys run --help `

### Override dmenu-hotkeys configuration file If you want to change default configuration paths for apps (i3, openbox, etc) you should override dmenu-hotkeys config file.

` dmenu_hotkeys copy-config `

The default path for the overridden configuration file is ` $HOME/.config/dmenu_hotkeys/config.cfg `

You could change it ` dmenu_hotkeys copy-config --dest some/path/config.cfg `

But since then you always should run dmenu-hotkeys with this new path

` dmenu_hotkeys run --menu [dmenu|rofi] --app [i3|openbox] --config-path some/path/config.cfg `



  • Added dots enabling in config.cfg

  • Added coverage

  • Added config as a singleton.

  • Added conf path passing from console argument.

  • Added testing conf and application fixtures.

  • Added copy-config command to copying config files to the user home dir.

  • Added menu and apps installation validation.

1.0.0 (2019-03-09)

  • First release on PyPI.

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