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Library and command line interface to interact with Drink Management System of Fachschaft TF Uni Freiburg.

Project description

Python3 library with command line interface to interact with the Drink Management System (DMS) of the student council TF Uni Freiburg.

Example use case: Order product from the command line.

$ dms order spezi -u johann
(1) Johannes Mustermann
(2) Johanna  Musterfrau
(3) Johann   Mustermensch
Please enter a number between 1 and 3: 1
Order 1 NetteMarke Spezi (0.70€) for Johannes Mustermann? [YES/no] y
Order successful.

Getting Started


You need python 3.5 or newer and pip. For development you also need git installed on your machine.


Install the dmsclient library and command line interface simply from PyPi:

pip3 install dmsclient

For developers it’s recommended to install from source vie develop. Then all changes in code are automatically available in the library and command line without reinstallation.

git clone git@<git url>:<user>/dmsclient.git
cd dmsclient

python3 develop

Command Line

The installation of dmsclient provides a command line interface dms. For authentication you have to generate a token key in your dms profile settings. Add your token to a .dmsrc file in your home folder.

Token = XxxxxXXXxxxxxXXXXxxxxxxxXXX

Then you can start using dms. You’ll find all available commands via

dms --help

User and product names don’t have to be added exactly, but are estimated from what you type. E.g.:

$ dms buy apfel -u must
Buy Apfelschorle (0.70€) for Max Mustermann? [Y/n]


For communication with the DMS via REST you can use the DmsClient class provided by this library. Authentication is provided via a token key which you can generate in the DMS profile settings. Usually the token is stored in an RC file readable with DmsConfig.

import os
from random import sample

from dmsclient import DmsClient, DmsConfig

rcfile = os.path.expanduser('~/.dmsrc')
cfg = DmsConfig()

API functions of DmsClient usually return coroutines for asynchronous access.

import asyncio

async def async_order_random_stuff_for_last_customer(loop, cfg):
    async with DmsClient(cfg.token, cfg.api) as dms:
       # register tasks which can run in parallel
       products_task = loop.create_task(dms.products)
       sales_task = loop.create_task(dms.sale_history(num_days=1))

       # execute tasks to fetch data in parallel
       available_products = [p for p in await products_task
                             if p.quantity > 0]
       random_product = sample(available_products, 1)[0]
       last_sale = (await sales_task)[0]

       # order random product
       await dms.add_order(, last_sale['profile'])

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
loop.run_until_complete(async_order_random_stuff_for_last_customer(loop, cfg))

Still, you can use the library also in a synchronous fashion

from syncer import sync

async def order_random_stuff_for_last_customer(cfg):
    async with DmsClient(cfg.token, cfg.api) as dms:
        # synchronous fetch data
        products = await dms.products
        sales = await dms.sale_history(num_days=1)

        available_products = [p for p in products
                              if p.quantity > 0]
        random_product = sample(available_products, 1)[0]
        last_sale = sales[0]

        # order random product
        await dms.add_order(, last_sale['profile'])



loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

# Connect synchronously
client = dms.DmsClient(cfg.token, cfg.api)

# Read products
products = loop.run_until_complete(client.products)


Initiated by David-Elias Künstle <kuenstld[at]tf.uni-freiburg> / Github but see contributors for a full list of contributions.


dmsclient is available under the MIT License


Big thanks to the DMS and DMS-API developers!

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