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Builder for a service host.

Project description


A library for building a long running service in python.

This library is inspired by ASPNETCORE. This package provides a set of classes and interfaces that simplify the initialization of a service by integrating configuration management from dnry.config and container based dependency injection using pyioc3.

This library was intended as a platform on which to create long-running services and reduce boiler plate code. You can create your own service host use one from the DNRY.SrvHost library.

Quick Start

Install dnry-srvhost-builder

pip install dnry-srvhost-builder

Create your own own service host

from dnry.srvhost.builder import SrvHostBase

class AppHost(SrvHostBase):
    def run(self, *args, **kwargs):
        print('Do something cool!')

Build your program

from dnry.config import IConfigFactory
from dnry.srvhost.builder import SrvHostBuilder, ISrvHostContext, ISrvHost
from pyioc3 import StaticContainerBuilder

def setup_config(ctx: ISrvHostContext, conf: IConfigFactory):
    # Add configuration files here

def setup_services(ctx: ISrvHostContext, services: StaticContainerBuilder):

if __name__ == "__main__":
    SrvHostBuilder("App") \
        .config_configuration(setup_config) \
        .config_services(setup_services) \
        .build() \

That's it! You are ready to build something cool. You can do much more

How What?

in setup_service and setup_config. For information on how to use the IConfigFactory, see the documentation at en0/dnry-config. For more information on how to use StaticContainerBuilder, see the documentation at en0/pyioc3.

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