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Python client for Farsight Security's DNSDB API

Project description


Python client for Farsight Security's DNSDB API.


  • supports all capabilities of DNSDB API
  • sorting of results by last_seen
  • convert epoch to ISO 8601
  • normalize results with regard sensor or zone observation
  • supports the caching of DNSDB API results
  • returns an object with the following attributes:
    • records
    • status code
    • error
    • quota
    • cache
  • CLI named dnsdb


Use the package manager pip to install dnsdb.

pip install dnsdb



>>> from dnsdb import Dnsdb

>>> api_key="12345"
>>> dnsdb = Dnsdb(api_key)

Example 1

>>> result ="")

>>> pprint(result.status_code)

>>> pprint(result.error)

>>> pprint(result.records[0])
{'bailiwick': '',
 'count': 4213726,
 'rdata': [''],
 'rrname': '',
 'rrtype': 'A',
 'source': 'sensor',
 'time_first': '2014-12-10T00:19:18Z',
 'time_last': '2019-03-05T14:37:31Z'}
>>> pprint(result.quota)
{'expires': None,
 'limit': '1000000',
 'remaining': '999970',
 'reset': '1551830400',
 'results_max': None}

Example 2

>>> result ="")

>>> pprint(result.status_code)

>>> pprint(result.error)
{'code': 404, 'message': 'Error: no results found for query.'}

>>> pprint(result.records)

>>> pprint(result.quota)
{'expires': None,
 'limit': '1000000',
 'remaining': '999969',
 'reset': '1551830400',
 'results_max': None}

More Usage

from dnsdb import Dnsdb

dnsdb = Dnsdb(api_key)
dnsdb = Dnsdb(api_key, cache=True)
dnsdb = Dnsdb(api_key, cache=True, cache_timeout=900)
dnsdb = Dnsdb(api_key, cache=True, cache_location="/tmp/dnsdb-cache")

result ="")
result ="", inverse=True)
result ="")
result ="")
result ="2620:11c:f008::108")
result ="36757a35")
result ="", type="A")
result ="", bailiwick="com.")
result ="", wildcard_left=True)
result ="fsi", wildcard_right=True)
result ="", sort=False)
result ="", remote_limit=150000, return_limit=1000)
result ="", time_last_after="2019-01-01")
result ="", time_last_after="2019-01-01T00:00:00Z")
result ="", epoch=True, time_last_after=1546300800)
result ="", epoch=True)
result = dnsdb.quota()


The dnsdb module includes CLI client


$ dnsdb -h
usage: dnsdb [-h] (-n NAME | -i IP | --hex HEXADECIMAL) [-t TYPE]
             [-b BAILIWICK] [-r] [--wildcard-left] [--wildcard-right] [--sort]
             [--epoch] [-f {csv,json,jsonp}] [--return-limit RETURN_LIMIT]
             [--remote-limit REMOTE_LIMIT] [--first-before TIME_FIRST_BEFORE]
             [--first-after TIME_FIRST_AFTER] [--last-before TIME_LAST_BEFORE]
             [--last_after TIME_LAST_AFTER] [--cache]
             [--cache-location CACHE_LOCATION] [--cache-timeout CACHE_TIMEOUT]
             [--apikey API_KEY] [--server SERVER] [-v] [-c CONFIG] [--version]

CLI client for DNSDB

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -n NAME, --name NAME  fully qualified domain mame
  -i IP, --ip IP        IPv4 or IPv6 address, CIDR notation is valid
  --hex HEXADECIMAL     hexadecimal digits specifying a raw octet string
  -t TYPE, --type TYPE  dns resource record types (ANY, A, MX, SIG, etc)
  -b BAILIWICK, --bailiwick BAILIWICK
                        a label in a fqdn, not valid for inverse queries
  -r, --inverse         search for names resolving to names (e.g. MX, NS,
                        CNAME, etc)
  --wildcard-left       wildcard search to the left of a dot in a domain name
  --wildcard-right      wildcard search to the right of a dot in a domain name
  --sort                sort results by time last
  --epoch               return timestamps in epoch
  -f {csv,json,jsonp}, --format {csv,json,jsonp}
                        output formats
  --return-limit RETURN_LIMIT
                        number of client side results returned
  --remote-limit REMOTE_LIMIT
                        number of server side results returned
  --first-before TIME_FIRST_BEFORE
                        server side filter for time first before
  --first-after TIME_FIRST_AFTER
                        server side filter for time first after
  --last-before TIME_LAST_BEFORE
                        server side filter for time last before
  --last_after TIME_LAST_AFTER
                        server side filter for time last after
  --cache               Use cached results
  --cache-location CACHE_LOCATION
                        Path to cache
  --cache-timeout CACHE_TIMEOUT
                        Timeout in seconds
  --apikey API_KEY      DNSDB API key
  --server SERVER       Server URL
  -v, --verbose         Set the verbosity level
  -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
                        Path to config file
  --version             show program's version number and exit

Time format options: yyyy (2016), yyyy-mm (2016-01), yyyy-mm-dd (2016-01-01),
yyyymmdd (20160101), yyyymmddThh (20160101T12), yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss-hh:mm

Configuration file


$ vim ~/.dnsdb.ini



$ vim ~/.dnsdb.ini



$ dnsdb -n
$ dnsdb -i -f csv


Pull requests are welcome; for major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to create and update tests as appropriate.



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