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Library for domain name manipulation

Project description

# Dnspy
### A library for domain name manipulation


_Dnspy_ offers functionality to manipulate fully qualified domain names (FQDNs), such as
extracting _subdomains_ and _domain labels_ from a FQDN.


1. To install _Dnspy_, first download the compressed tar ball _dnspy-1.0.tar.gz_

2. Untar the downloaded file:
$ tar xvzf dnspy-1.0.tar.gz

3. Install the library
$ cd dnspy-1.0
$ python install


The following examples illustrate the use of this module:

# Using the Dnspy module to get sub-domains of a domain, given the default effective
# top-level domain (ETLD) list

>>> from dnspy.dnspy import Dnspy
>>> d = Dnspy() # Load the default ETLD list from Mozilla
>>> d.subdoms('')
['com', '', '']

>>> d.subdoms('', n = 4)
['com', '', '', '']

>>> d.subdoms('', n = -1)

>>> d.domlabels('')
['com', 'google', 'd']

>>> d.domlabels('', n = 4)
['com', 'google', 'd', 'c']


To illustrate the use of a custom ETLD list:

$ cat /tmp/custom_etlds.txt
Now use the custom ETLD list:
>>> from dnspy.dnspy import Dnspy
>>> d = Dnspy(etld_url='file:///tmp/custom_etlds.txt')
>>> d.subdoms('')
['testetld', 'google.testetld', '']

The `etld_url` parameter passed to the Dnspy constructor, can point to any
valid URL, including http URLs.

To run unit tests:
$ cd test/
$ python -m unittest test_dnspy
Ran 3 tests in 2.813s




To uninstall, remove the directory from the disk. On debian systems, for instance:

$ rm -rf /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/dnspy

Copyright © 2013 Sandeep Yadav (Damballa)

Distributed under the BSD license

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