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Use docker-compose (V2) from within Python

Project description

Docker Composer

A library to interact with docker-compose V2 from a python Program. All commands and parameters are exposed as python classes and attributes to allow for full auto-completion of its parameters with IDEs that support it.


pip install docker-composer


The main class is docker_composer.DockerCompose. Its parameters are all options from docker-compose.

Each docker-compose command has a corresponding function, e.g. or DockerCompose.scale. Their arguments again mirror the options of the corresponding command.

The resulting object has a call function. It takes arbitrary strings as input, as well as all keyword arguments from, and returns a subprocess.CompletedProcess

from docker_composer import DockerCompose

base = DockerCompose(file="docker-compose.yml", verbose=True), workdir="/tmp").call("app")"/tmp").call("app", "/bin/bash", "-l")

# /tmp $ ls /.dockerenv
# /.dockerenv
# /tmp $ exit

process =
#          Name                      Command           State    Ports
# -------------------------------------------------------------------
# myapp_app_70fd8b786b76   myapp --start-server        Exit 0        
# myapp_app_6ac3db4e1b55   myapp --client              Exit 0   


Coding Standards

Type Package Comment
Linter black Also for auto-formatted modules
Logging loguru
Packaging poetry
Tests pytest
Typing mypy Type all methods
Imports isort

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