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Docker executor with pipework and consul support

Project description


Uses the wonderful pipework script of jpetazzo:



cd docker-executor virtualenv venv . venv/bin/activate pip install –editable .


docker-executor reads the configuration from a K/V store.

Cluster object:

  • dnsname: name to register the cluster in the service discovery’s DNS

Node object:

  • name: hostname of the docker container

  • docker_image: URL of the docker image to use

  • docker_opts: specific docker run options to use

  • cpu: number of cores that can be used by this container

  • mem: memory in MB that can be used by this container

  • disks: Disk object list (see below)

  • networks: Network object list (see below)

  • port: main service port used for service discovery, e.g. 22

  • tags: list of tags for service discovery separated by comma, eg. ‘v1,testing,hdp’

  • check_ports: list of ports to check that the container is alive, eg. ‘22,5000,8080’

  • id: it will be set to the docker id of the running container

  • host: it will be set docker engine where the container is running

  • status: it will be set to the current status of the node

Network object (registry.Network object):

  • type: ‘static’, ‘dynamic’

  • networkname: name of the network to use form the networks service

  • address: for dynamic allocation use ‘_’, ‘dynamic’ or ‘’

The name of the network device (eg. eth0) is taken automatically from the name of the

directory in consul: eg. node/networks/eth0/address -> eth0

Volume object (registry.Disk object):

  • origin

  • destination

  • mode (OPTIONAL): default ‘rw’


Using clush and pip:


python sdist upload -r pypi clush -bw @bigdata pip install –upgrade –no-cache-dir docker-executor

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