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A supervisor for docker-compose apps.

Project description


Do you have apps you want to deploy to a server, but Kubernetes is way too much? Harbormaster is for you.

Harbormaster is a small and simple container orchestrator that lets you easily deploy multiple Docker-Compose applications on a single host.

It does this by taking a list of git repository URLs that contain Docker Compose files and running the Compose apps they contain. It will also handle updating/restarting the apps when the repositories change.

Please visit the documentation for more details.


Do you have a home server you want to run a few apps on, but don't want everything to break every time you upgrade the OS? Do you want automatic updates but don't want to buy an extra 4 servers so you can run Kubernetes?

Do you have a work server that you want to run a few small services on, but don't want to have to manually manage it? Do you find that having every deployment action be in a git repo more tidy?

Harbormaster is for you.

At its core, Harbormaster takes a YAML config file with a list of git repository URLs containing Docker Compose files, clones/pulls them, and starts the services they describe.

You run Harbormaster on a timer, pointing it to a directory, and it updates all the repositories in its configuration, and restarts the Compose services if they have changed. That's it!

It also cleanly stores data for all apps in a single data/ directory, so you always have one directory that holds all the state, which you can easily back up and restore.

See more details in the documentation.


v0.3.4 (2023-07-31)


  • Add the HM_ vars to the environment so they can be used in Compose v2 files. [Stavros Korokithakis]


  • Fix wrong paths when launching Docker Compose. [Stavros Korokithakis]

v0.3.3 (2023-07-23)


  • Add missing crond invocation back. [Stavros Korokithakis]

  • Don't complain about the directory if we restart the container. [Stavros Korokithakis]

v0.3.2 (2023-07-23)


  • Fix tests. [Stavros Korokithakis]

  • Fix the Harbormaster Docker container. [Stavros Korokithakis]

  • Fix issue with the Harbormaster Docker image not being able to find the data dir. [Stavros Korokithakis]

  • Add docker-cli-compose to the Dockerfile. [Stavros Korokithakis]

v0.3.1 (2023-07-22)


  • Add git-crypt to the Docker image. [Stavros Korokithakis]


  • Change Compose filename. [Stavros Korokithakis]

  • Don't restart apps when their configuration hasn't been updated. [葛上昌司]

  • Move the --version command to the right place. [Stavros Korokithakis]

v0.3.0 (2023-03-01)


  • Add docker image with webhook support. [Jonas Seydel]


  • Upgrade Click (fixes #9) [Stavros Korokithakis]

  • Be more defensive when loading the config. [Stavros Korokithakis]

  • Fix the configuration directory having the wrong relative path base (fixes #12) [Stavros Korokithakis]

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