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Opinionated wrapper around docker

Project description

An opinionated wrapper around the docker-py API that lets you use YAML to define images and run tasks.

See for the full documentation.


Just use pip:

$ pip install docker-harpoon


Before Harpoon can be used, it must be configured. Configuration is obtained from the following locations in the following order of precedence:

  • Provided –harpoon-config value

  • HARPOON_CONFIG environment variable

  • ./harpoon.yml

Further, you can also define user-wide settings in your home directory at ~/.harpoonrc.yml. For example if you want the “dark” theme for the logging:


term_colors: dark

The contents of the harpoon config has only one mandatory option, images. This must be a dictionary of image_alias to image_options:


      - FROM ubuntu:14.04
      - RUN apt-get update && apt-get -y install caca-utils
      - CMD cacafire

A rough overview of all the options available can be found at


Once harpoon is installed, there will be a new program called harpoon.

When you call harpoon without any arguments it will print out the tasks you have available.

Unless you don’t have a config file, in which case it’ll complain you have no configuration file.

Once you have a valid configuration file and have chosen a task you wish to invoke, you may use the --task cli option to invoke that task:

$ harpoon --task <task>

Most tasks will also require you to specify an image to work with:

$ harpoon --task <task> --image <image_alias>

Simpler Usage

To save typing --task and --image too much, the first positional argument is treated as task (unless it is prefixed with a dash) and the second positional argument (if also not prefixed with a dash) is taken as the image.


$ harpoon --task run --image my_amazing_image

Is equivalent to:

$ harpoon run my_amazing_image



Install testing deps and run the helpful script:

$ pip install -e .
$ pip install -e ".[tests]"
$ ./
$ ./

Or use tox:

$ pip install tox
$ tox

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