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An interactive learning environment to get familiar with the Docker cli

Project description

Docker Tutorial

The Docker tutorial is an interactive learning environment to get familiar with the Docker commandline.

Simple Usage

Generally this application is used in the website. It's source can be found on By installing that you will get this app 'for free' as a

However, this app is made to also be usable inside other Django applications. All that is required is to
add git+ to your requirements.txt
and it will be installed by pip upon pip install -r requirements.txt

To include it
* Make sure your "host" app uses the same python environment
* In your "host" app settings include "docker_tutorial"
* in a template {% include 'tutorial/snippet.html' %}
* in your add url(r'^tutorial/', include('docker_tutorial.urls')),
* in your settings make sure you include the session middleware:

When you want to make changes

* First create or switch to a virtual environment in which you have the "host" app into which you would
like to embed the tutorial. e.g. a clone of the the Docker website (before you ran install)
* Clone this repository:
git clone
* Switch to the dir:
cd docker-tutorial
* Install the application with the -e (editable) flag.
pip install -e .

This will setup the symlinks such that you don't need to run every time you want to see a
change. i.e. your local repository is now linked into the environment.

Running the unit tests

* ./

Running code coverage

* coverage run ./ && coverage html --include="./docker_tutorial/*"

Happy coding!

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docker-tutorial-0.2.1.tar.gz (158.9 kB view hashes)

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