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Easily deploy Airflow for local development

Project description

Dockflow CLI

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This package requires docker to be installed and running on your machine.

Getting started

  1. Install dockflow:
    pip install dockflow

  2. Authenticate docker to pull from private GCR repository:
    2.1. First make sure that your gcloud is authenticated.
    2.2. Ensure you are in the correct project using gcloud config set project <project name>
    2.3. Use gcloud auth configure-docker to auth docker to pull from private container repo.


  1. Ensure that your docker file sharing settings allows access to your development directory.
  2. Navigate to the root directory of your dags folder.
  3. Use dockflow config and enter your container repo url excluding the version.
    • This will save the url in a config file.
    • Eg.<project>/<container>
    • This should only be used if the container repo changes.
  4. If the image version tag is not composer-1.11.2-airflow-1.10.9 specify the tag using dockflow start -iv <version>
  5. Use dockflow start (This will mount the dag folder and start Airflow).
  6. Use the UI to add connections.
    • Admin -> Connections -> Create
  7. Use dockflow refresh to refresh the configs cache or to bundle configs.
  8. Remember to use dockflow stop to shut down the instance to save local machine resources.
    • The state will be persisted in the same directory as the dags folder.
  9. To stop and remove the container use dockflow stop --rm

Available composer versions

  • composer-1.11.2-airflow-1.10.9 (default)
  • composer-1.10.6-airflow-1.10.6 (No longer being updated)

CloudSQL Proxy

docker run -d \
  -v <PATH_TO_KEY_FILE>:/config \
  -p \
  --network='dockflow' \
  --name='cloudsql' \ /cloud_sql_proxy \
  -instances=<INSTANCE_CONNECTION_NAME>=tcp: -credential_file=/config

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